Wednesday, 30 December 2015

a touch of plum.

topshop ootd 1
topshop ootd 3
topshop ootd 5
topshop ootd 2
jacket | rare london*
top | primark 
bag and skirt | topshop
boots | new look
sunglasses | ralph lauren

this has been my a bit of a winter uniform for me, i have developed a new found love for berry/plum shades of late. my bag (a sneaky sale purchase) has basically been surgically attached to me since i bought it. my snazzy sunnies were my christmas gift from jay, they are my first pair of 'proper' sunglasses. 
as this is my last post of the year i wanted to say a little thank you for your lovely comments and putting up with my infrequent posting! 
i hope you all have a wonderful new years and i'll see you on the other side!

topshop ootd 4

Monday, 28 December 2015

christmas snippets.

christmas snippets 5
christmas snippets 6
christmas snippets 7
christmas snippets 1
christmas snippets 3
hat and coat | primark
jeans | topshop
wellies | joules*

i just wanted to share a few snippets of christmas, i've been pretty poorly over the last week so it was a very relaxing and quiet christmas with lots of sleep and not much chocolate (i plan to make up for this very soon)
i somehow managed to co-ordinated my whole outfit on christmas day right down to my socks?
i hope everyone had a lovely christmas!

photos of me by kaal 
christmas snippets 2

Saturday, 5 December 2015

citizen m christmas event.

citizen m bankside christmas event 7
citizen m bankside christmas event 4
citizen m bankside christmas event 3
citizen m bankside christmas event 2
jumper | primark
skirt and boots | new look

last weekend the lovely lot at citizen m invited me for a day of festive fun. 
we started with brunch at borough market, once we had eaten we wandered round the market annoying stall holders by taking lots of pictures of their food (we looked like a proper gang of bloggers)
after walking off our brunch we jumped in a taxi and headed citizen m bankside for a cupcake decorating class with the cookie girl, turns out cupcake decorating is not my calling however but eating lots of cake is my calling. 
we finished the day with cocktails and chatting about blogging, it was so great to hang out with anoushka, helen, claire and helen such lovely blogging babes. 

citizen m bankside christmas event
citizen m bankside christmas event 6

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

cheerz app and a giveaway!

cheerz app review 4
cheerz app review 1
cheerz app review 2

i have to say i am one for having my photos printed, my whole flat is covered in prints and instax's clipped onto things, propped up on stuff and in frames. 
the lovely lot at cheerz sent me a pack of five strips of some of my favourite instagrams, i love that they are in the style of photobooth prints!
even better i have three packs to give away to you lovelies, enter via the rafflecopter box below if you fancy!

cheerz app review 3

Monday, 26 October 2015

minty fresh.

mint loafer ootd 2
mint loafer ootd 3
mint loafer ootd 1
jacket | rare london*
jumper | boden*
bag | vintage
jeans | primark
loafers | office

a rare appearance of my bespectacled state (which i should really be all the time but i'm a rebel so ya know...) 
this is a classic uniform outfit for me, i pretty much have jeans glued to my legs most days and my collection may be getting out of hand...
these shoes are jays fault, he just had to pop into office and i spotted these babies which is have been eyeing up for months. well they were on sale so it would be rude not to and now i am also the proud own of a super bright pink pair of trainers (which i secretly love) but both are pretty so i'm not feeling that guilty.

mint loafer ootd 4

Saturday, 24 October 2015

a rainy saturday in borough market.

borough market 5
borough market 8
borough market 4
borough market 7
borough market 2
borough market 6
borough market 3

what do you do on a rainy saturday, obviously head to the most crowed place you can think of.
however when this place is full of food it makes it feel like slightly less of a bad idea...
this place is of course borough market, i may have been inspired to go after watching bridget jones the night before.
after nabbing myself a watermelon juice, burger and a chocolate and coconut donut (it took me half an hour of wandering around until i decided on this combo) we took advantage of the rain easing up and strolled down southbank. 
i did try to take outfit pictures however it turns out i look super shifty when there are people constantly looking at me, so i have one picture to show from that (still looking pretty shifty) cracking out the old favourites on the jacket/bag/boots combo but with my new dress (which is least season but new in possession to me)
its still a novelty for me to have saturdays off work so i'm trying to do something different each weekend to make the most of living in the city!

borough market 1

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

joules design a welly competition.

Joules Design A Welly Competition 1
Joules Design A Welly Competition

the lovely lots at joules have recently launched a fun competition inviting all budding designers, doodlers and wellington boot lovers to design some joules wellies. 
the winning design will go on sale at and all proceeds from the sale of the limited edition winning welly will be donated to our charity partners via CHARITABLY JOULES.
 as well as having your wellies on sale you will win luxury break worth £5,000 which involves 3 nights in a golden oak treehouse cabin plus lots more exciting extras!
fear not, if you don't win the ten runners up will each receive a £250 Joules gift card (not to shabby eh!)
all in all a pretty snazzy competition, head on over to their competition entry page and get those creative juices flowing, think i'm going to crack out my sketch pad.....

Joules Design A Welly Competition 2

this post was in collaboration with joules but all view and excitement for competitions is my own*

Saturday, 10 October 2015

blossoming gifts.

blossoming gifts fall bouquet
blossoming gifts fall bouquet
fall bouquet and flowers | blossoming gifts*
candle and copper & | primark

there is nothing i love more than receiving chocolate and flowers, the lovely people at blossoming gifts send my over a very pretty autumnal bouquet and some pralines (which lasted all of two minutes) 
they offer flowers by post and if you're on a budget and they have flowers for under twenty pounds so you can still treat your loved ones and not break the bank!  
as a little treat they are giving you guys 33% off everything except their 'flowers by post' range with the code BGIFTS33

blossoming gifts fall bouquet

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

adventuring in richmond park.

richmond park 8
richmond park 1
richmond park 3
richmond park 7
richmond park 4
richmond park 22

jacket | rare london*
tee | forever 21
cardi | boden*
jeans and shoes | topshop
bag and hat | primark

ever since i have lived in london i have always wanted to visit richmond park, i finally managed to go on sunday and realised i only live half and hour away!
my main reason was to go see the deer, ever since i saw kitty and nathan's deer charming pictures i have wanted to try and get as close as i can to them (turns out not that close) 
we had a little picnic and walked as far as our legs would let us, then realising that we had to walk a mile to the station once we had left the park! 
its such a beautiful area, especially in the autumn light.

richmond park 5
richmond park 6

Thursday, 1 October 2015

citizen m bankside

citizen m hotel 4
citizen m hotel 6
citizen m hotel 2
citizen m hotel 3

on monday i went to an event on my todd, this is not something i do often due to being a panicky penny, however when citizen m hotel invited me to listen to james warner who is the art director at GQ and hope lawrie who is a celebrity stylist, well i couldn't not go could i!
after being super early i met the other blogging babes that were attending the talk, katy, amy, anoushka and jodie who were all super lovely and listened to my nervous rambling!

we where greeted with wine, cheese, olives and other italian delights whilst having a chat about blogging (of course) obviously we had to arrange the food to make it instagram friendly before we ate it (i missed this by getting lost finding the loo in true liv style, but amy and jodies pictures are making me hungry again)
we listened to james and hope talk and asked lots of questions (especially when hope said she had styled mary berry) and compared the world of magazines to blogging, it is remarkably similar at times!

it was such a great way to start the week, although i was a little bleary eyed the next morning after two glasses of wine and a mojito on a school night (plus its rare i'm not in my pj's after nine)
thank you citizen m for such a lovely evening and getting the chance to meet such interesting and creative people!

citizen m hotel 1
citizen m hotel 5
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