Tuesday, 20 January 2015

a day at the museum.

ootd 20.1.15 4
ootd 20.1.15 1
ootd 20.1.15 5
ootd 20.1.15 2
ootd 20.1.15 3
hat | primark
jacket | rare london
shirt | H&M
jeans | topshop
boots | boden*
bag | cambridge satchel company 

admittedly this outfit was a bit chilly for london's recent temperatures but its one of my favourites so i braved it.
i went on a little trip to the museum of london (via the british museum, always check the museum's name before you go kids) 
i was particularly fond of the sixties and twenties section, all the pretty dresses!   
mama treated us to a little pizza express after, because every good day ends in pizza and shopping.

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Friday, 9 January 2015

january blues wish list.

wishlist 9.1.15

a little wish list to beat/cause the january blues. beat because pretty things make me happy, cause because i'm on a spending ban (nice as it is to get paid early it makes it a long stretch to the next payday) so if i lead you astray, im sorry (i'm really not) 

i'm spending another wild friday tight tucked up in bed with a cup of tea (perks of working every saturday) looking at more things that i want to buy but can't whilst eating chocolate. 

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

be a little silly.

ootd 7.1.15 3
ootd 7.1.15 1
ootd 7.1.15 2
coat | marks & spencer
jumper | boden*
skirt | topshop
boots | fashion union*
bag | cambridge satchel company 

todays post brings you a skirt, some silliness and feeling a bit scruffy in chelsea.
so i stuck to my promise and i bring you an outfit thats not jeans, this is still my favourite skirt ever and i've only just worked out how to wear it with tights (late to the game i know)
jay and i went for a little (actually it was quite long...) round kensington and chelsea, we mainly had house jealously and looked at the posh shops.
and a little thought today 'be silly because being an adult sometimes sucks' something i've been feeling lately.

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Monday, 5 January 2015

sunday wanders.

ootd 5.1.15 3
ootd 5.1.15 4
ootd 5.1.15 1
ootd 5.1.15 2
hat | primark
scarf and boots | ebay
jumper | new look 
jeans | topshop
coat | marks & spencer
bag | cambridge satchel company 

a cosy little outfit for our sunday wander round our neighbourhood, every time we go for a walk jay and i get equal amounts or house/car envy (him for those snazzy racey types, me for nissan figaro's and the like) with a greg's sausage roll in hand (no judging) we are happy to wander for hours.
cracking out a few old classics for this outfit, mama newman got me this coat five or so years ago in a charity shop and i've rewed my love for it recently (despite all the hamster comments from jay, cheers pal!) but i love it and its very snug! the jumper is a similar situation and from the teen section, this is a little trick i use in lots of shops and at work johnnie b  has lots of lovely bits and a bit cheaper! (15-16 is about an 8 and 16+ is a 10) just a little tip from me to you!

i promise to bring you more posts where i'm not wearing jeans/a hat, in a bit of a winter rut!

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

festive fun.

christmas 2014 12
christmas 2014 3
christmas 2014 11
christmas 2014 10
christmas 2014 2
christmas 2014 5christmas 2014 8
christmas 2014 7
christmas 2014 1
christmas 2014 6
christmas 2014 4
coat, jeans, jumper and hat | primark
scarf | asos
boots | boden*

a bit of a mish mash of photos i took over the chritmas/new year week, i was struck down by one of those horrible viruses so christmas day was a bit hazy and i didn't take many photos, plus i had work christmas eve and the saturday after so lots of travelling and sleeping was done inbetween the working.
we spent our christmas day in norfolk (one of my favourite places) with family but sadly no walks as even blondie was ill! 
as my cousin B and his lovely girlfriend V are over from canada from christmas we had our annual pizza party that happens whenever he's home, so lots of pizza experimenting was done (christmas dinner, lamb curry and chocolate spread with custard to name a few) as S and i were making most of them they may have been made in some silly shapes (S's chimp was a personal favourite) plus we got to see lots of family that i rarely see like jazz.
i've popped in a little outfit post, i know not thrilling but i have been living in this hat, i saw it on the beautiful miss cohen and knew i needed it in my life!

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