Monday, 23 February 2015

hummingbirds and wind.

jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 6
jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 3
jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 8
jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 2jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 5
jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 7
jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 1
jacket | rare london*
jumper | boden*
shorts | primark
boots | fashion union*
hummingbird ring | jana reinhardt via jewel street*

admittedly this wasn't the warmest outfit for a windy february there are lots of photos where i am sporting a lovely hair beard situation (which i personally think is one of my best looks). 
jay decided to have a play with the manual focus on my lens for these pictures, i don't usually use manual focus as without my glasses i am pretty blind (note to self wear glasses more often) 

admittedly i have had a bit of a rubbish week, i think i have a the february blues, a case of things not working out how you would like. i seem to have adopted the motto of 'what will be, will be' whilst eating lots of pizza.... but after booking our holiday i feel a bit more perky (now i just have to wait till august for said holiday and eat less pizza) 

i was sent this beautiful hummingbird ring by jewel street, it sits so nicely next to my birthday ring and i've been wearing it everyday since it arrived!
jana reinhardt and jewelstreet ootd 4
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Monday, 16 February 2015

current favourites.

a little favourites post for you today, just a few things that i wanted to share!
january favourites 3

yankee christmas cookie candle

this was a christmas gift from mama k, it makes the whole flat smell homely and sweet! its actually my first yankee (shock horror i know) but i have been burning it nearly every day and will defiantly investing in a another one once this one is finished (at this rate it won't be long, i am a serial candle burner)

 fresh flowers

jay got me a beautiful bouquet of roses and tulips for valentines day which are pride of place on my windowsill (where i put all my pretty things!) i always try to buy a bunch of flowers to have in the flat as i feel it always brightens up the room (especially when you live in one room!) 

making time for reading

i was given quite a few lovely books recently, so i've been making time before bed to read them all. living in london i have been making an effort to explore a bit more, this london villages book has been giving me ideas of where i should head off to next. i haven't had the time to make use of the laduree recipe book i have thoroughly enjoying looking through all the beautiful pages. i'm only half way through alexa chung's it but i am enjoying all the pictures and the way chung writes, just like she talks! girl online is the creation of zoe sugg aka zoella, i read the book in two evenings as i got totally wrapped up in the story!

january favourites 1

liz earle cleanse and polish 

i know i am a bit late to the party on this one (whats new) but i invested in this just before christmas on a recommendation from mama k and i haven't looked back since.

juicy couture via la juicy

my new favourite smell its fruity and subtle, plus the bottle is super pretty!

redken diamond oil conditioner

i treat my self to a bottle of this when i go for my annual hair cut, its quite pricey but its worth the money as it leaves my hair really soft and repairs the damage i do to it on a regular basis. 

january favourites 2

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

sunday chic.

sunday chic 4
sunday chic
sunday chic 3
sunday chic 1
sunday chic 2
coat | primark
jumper, shoes and necklace | boden*
top (collar visible) and jeans | topshop
bag | gift
scarf | ebay
sunglasses | stolen from jay

i know i know you all think will she ever stop wearing that bloody scarf, the answer is probably never. 
a little attempt at 'parisien chic' with my new favourite shoes (breaking them in at work wasn't my best idea though, sore feet all round) but apart from that its safe to say i'm in love. sadly the velvet ones are sold out but there some glittery ones for you to get your mitts on!
as we were taking these pictures the people who live in one of the houses just came and lingered in their door way, not awkward at alllll (story of my life)  

liv's tip of the week for you
always wear waterproof mascara when you get your eyebrows threaded (or waxed) as your eyes might water allot and then have to walk home like a panda. this may have happened this week, thank the lord it was dark on my way home, my porter did give me a funny look though..

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

a windy southbank adventure.

3 winter afternoons in southbank
1 winter afternoons in southbank
5 winter afternoons in southbank4 winter afternoons in southbank
winter afternoons in southbank
2 winter afternoons in southbank
jacket | primark
scarf | ebay
bag | forever 21
jeans | boden*

another adventure with one of my favourite ladies S, whenever i haven't been anywhere in london she is always the first to say 'well lets go right now' so when i texted her to say i had never been to borough market, the promise of food and flowers was one i couldn't resist.
admittedly going when i was about 2 degrees and windy wasn't our best plan but we soldiered on (mainly for the food, plans with S always revolve around food) S recommend the chorizo rolls, apparently everyone she takes there she persuades to get one, and i had one of the best brownies i have ever had (that or my health kick has really taken its toll on my cake judging)
as the market was only open for lunch it was pretty quiet, i would love to go back on a day when everything is open (and its warmer) but alas i work on all of those days
to escape the arctic weather we ducked into the tate modern, again in search of food (the art went over our heads a little) turns out that scones, ice tea and a pretty impressive view are a lovely way to end an afternoon. the only thing is it closes at 6 so you get a little bit of london's twinkling lights, but its worth it for the little bit of time you get. 

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