Monday, 16 February 2015

current favourites.

a little favourites post for you today, just a few things that i wanted to share!
january favourites 3

yankee christmas cookie candle

this was a christmas gift from mama k, it makes the whole flat smell homely and sweet! its actually my first yankee (shock horror i know) but i have been burning it nearly every day and will defiantly investing in a another one once this one is finished (at this rate it won't be long, i am a serial candle burner)

 fresh flowers

jay got me a beautiful bouquet of roses and tulips for valentines day which are pride of place on my windowsill (where i put all my pretty things!) i always try to buy a bunch of flowers to have in the flat as i feel it always brightens up the room (especially when you live in one room!) 

making time for reading

i was given quite a few lovely books recently, so i've been making time before bed to read them all. living in london i have been making an effort to explore a bit more, this london villages book has been giving me ideas of where i should head off to next. i haven't had the time to make use of the laduree recipe book i have thoroughly enjoying looking through all the beautiful pages. i'm only half way through alexa chung's it but i am enjoying all the pictures and the way chung writes, just like she talks! girl online is the creation of zoe sugg aka zoella, i read the book in two evenings as i got totally wrapped up in the story!

january favourites 1

liz earle cleanse and polish 

i know i am a bit late to the party on this one (whats new) but i invested in this just before christmas on a recommendation from mama k and i haven't looked back since.

juicy couture via la juicy

my new favourite smell its fruity and subtle, plus the bottle is super pretty!

redken diamond oil conditioner

i treat my self to a bottle of this when i go for my annual hair cut, its quite pricey but its worth the money as it leaves my hair really soft and repairs the damage i do to it on a regular basis. 

january favourites 2

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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog!

    Adore the globe, it amazing I really want one of these for my house!!! x


  2. gorgeous flowers! i stopped by the farmer's market the other week and was so tempted to buy tulips, but i've got to find a vase somewhere first x

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  3. Making time for reading is so, so important! It's something I definitely need to work on.

  4. Christmas cookie is the one Yankee candle scent I always want to buy, I love it so much!! I read Alexa Chung's book recently, I too love how chatty it is! x


  5. I've got the Christmas Cookie candle burning next to me as I read your post! It's delicious isn't it? The London Villages book looks interesting and I love macaroons so the Laduree book is bound to be one I should invest in. Lovely post and some beautiful shots. :)
    Beckie x
    The Sussex Girl

  6. What a lovely idea for a post! We seem to have the same taste in books ;)


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