Sunday, 8 February 2015

sunday chic.

sunday chic 4
sunday chic
sunday chic 3
sunday chic 1
sunday chic 2
coat | primark
jumper, shoes and necklace | boden*
top (collar visible) and jeans | topshop
bag | gift
scarf | ebay
sunglasses | stolen from jay

i know i know you all think will she ever stop wearing that bloody scarf, the answer is probably never. 
a little attempt at 'parisien chic' with my new favourite shoes (breaking them in at work wasn't my best idea though, sore feet all round) but apart from that its safe to say i'm in love. sadly the velvet ones are sold out but there some glittery ones for you to get your mitts on!
as we were taking these pictures the people who live in one of the houses just came and lingered in their door way, not awkward at alllll (story of my life)  

liv's tip of the week for you
always wear waterproof mascara when you get your eyebrows threaded (or waxed) as your eyes might water allot and then have to walk home like a panda. this may have happened this week, thank the lord it was dark on my way home, my porter did give me a funny look though..

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  1. This is just divine Livvy, you look wonderful x

  2. you can't beat a tartan scarf to chic up an outfit, looks great!

  3. Lovely outfit, i have a favourite scarf that I wear all the time too!!


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