Monday, 23 March 2015

portobello and pizza.

portobello and pizza 2
portobello and pizza 1
portobello and pizza 3
portobello and pizza
hat, jumper and jeans | primark
jacket | rare london*
bag | cambridge satchel company

on sunday i got to send the day with one of my favourite ladies, after three years of living minutes from each other it felt so good to be back in the same city again! (sadly i can't make the journey in my pj's here though, might get a few more funny looks than i did i southampton)

i was wearing my usual uniform of jumper and jeans, jade is always nicely dressed with perfect make up (so i always looked like a troll next to her at early morning lectures) as we share a mutual love of pretty houses, flowers and hot chocolate we were happy to wander round the neighbourhood for hours (which was lucky as i got a bit lost...whats new eh!)  

after all that walking we got under my duvet, had a pizza and watched a rom-com. the best way to spend a sunday!

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

woodland walk.

woodland walk 5
woodland walk 2
woodland walk 4
woodland walk 3
woodland walk 1

this weekend jay and i went back to essex for the weekend, sometimes you need a little break from london (especially if you're a country girl at heart) 
my favourite pass time when i'm home is dog walking, sadly we had to have our family dog put down last week but jays family dog reggie was on hand to fulfil my dog cuddling and walking needs. 
the weather showed that spring is definitely on its way and the sunshine has been seriously welcome!

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