Thursday, 23 April 2015

stripes and sunshine.

stripes and sunshine 5
stripes and sunshine 1
stripes and sunshine 3
stripes and sunshine 4
jacket | rare london*
top | johnnie b*
dungarees | ebay
bag and shoes | primark

i won't lie to you, this outfit makes me feel like a five year old (and i love it!) 
i've actually had the dungarees for about a year after i saw them on the lovely rosie and decided i had to have them! 
somehow they never made their way onto the blog until now, probably to do with the fact that i accidentally leave clothes at mama and papa's when i visit....

evening walks round our neighbourhood when the sun is still shining is currently one of my favourite things at the moment! although when we were taking these pictures people kept coming out their houses and i have lots of pictures with my 'is there a person/awkward face' so attractive i know

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  1. I love the stripes under overalls so, so much! It's such a cute look. x

  2. So pretty, you look lovely Livvy x

  3. love this look Livvy, dungarees are so cute and cool and you just look adorable <3

  4. you look too cute! I missed blogging and your lovely posts ;)


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