Friday, 22 May 2015

instagram update

instagram update.

i'd thought i would do a little update via my instagram posts, you can follow me @livvychristine if you fancy!

my 10k run is coming up on bank holiday monday so i've been running through notting hill after work and stopping to take pictures of the pretty houses (more like catch my breath) which makes people give me funny looks!

it was my birthday on wednesday so this week i have eaten allot of cake and macaroons, have also  brought myself flowers several times (under the excuse of my birthday)  

i have been going on little browses to the shops recently and looking at cute things i can't afford/ pretty dresses that i need to chose from for a wedding i'm going to. 

leave me your instagram names, i love looking at peoples accounts!

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  1. lovely snaps Livvy, just followed as your feed is just so pretty <3 my username is @marieljanina if you want to check it out :)

  2. Lovely pictures! Good luck for your 10k- taking photos is a good excuse to catch your breath, I do that a lot too.. And I hope you had a good birthday, the cake and the macaroons look amazing! My instagram is @heavenlyclutter :)

  3. I love macaroons! Good luck on your 10k run!


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