Friday, 15 May 2015

swans and sunshine.

swans and sunshine 4
swans and sunshine 6
swans and sunshine 2
swans and sunshine 7
swans and sunshine 3
jumpsuit | newlook
cardigan | zara
bag and shoes | primark

normally i go to hyde park sweating and looking like a tomato (basically running, kinda...) however i haven't actually been for a proper look, so on a sunny monday we went exploring and pretty much stalked swans for photos, from a safe distance, some of them are the size of dogs!
this jumpsuit is one of last summers purchases but still a favourite! it pretty much makes me feel like i'm wearing my pj's plus its paisley, which is a dream combination in my book.  

swans and sunshine 1
swans and sunshine 5
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  1. I love paisley prints! Gorgeous photos too x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. This is so cute, your photography is just gorgeous! You look wonderful too Livvy x


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