Monday, 11 May 2015

the kettle shed.

the kettle shed review 4

just incase you hadn't guessed tea is my favourite thing, ever. 
it seems people have noticed, zoe who runs the kettle shed sent me some of her beautiful tea to review. i have previously reviewed their lovely tea's, but after a little update they are back with new blends and packaging.
if you're thinking 'ohhh these look delish i must get my hands on them immediately, but do i really need more tea' the answer is yes. as for every box of the kettle shed tea is sold the company donates tea directly to homeless shelters across the uk. 
tea and a good deed, what more would you want!

the kettle shed review 3

i will start my favourite blend of rooibos and carrot cake, it is sweet without having to add sugar but its full of good things like carrot, practically salad eh! i like having the option of loose leaf tea as well as tea bags because sometimes you want to feel fancy with your cup, saucer and tea strainer. 

brew time | three mintues
enjoy with | milk or without

the kettle shed review 1

a melon and cherry blend which is right up my street, i am aaallllllll about the fruity tea's hot, iced, in some sort of baked goods, i'm there drinking/eating to my hearts content. this blend has green tea in it which is good if you have like me, eaten too much and feel like that food baby is never going to leave. a little bit of green tea sorts you right out.

brew time | three minutes 
can be drunk | hot or iced

the kettle shed review 2

this chocolate and chilli blend packs a punch, it smells just like chocolate (i have taken to sniffing the cup when drinking this as it smells so good!) the taste is smooth and subtle and then BAM chilli comin' at chaaaa just after you've gulped it down (its good to imagine that sentence with really bad ninja moves). 

brew time | three minutes
enjoy with | milk and sugar

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all tea courtesy of the kettle shed but views all my own.


  1. all of the flavours sounds amazing and really interesting since they're not normally tea flavours you'd get in the shops, definitely checking these out :)

  2. These sound really lovely - and I love that they donate to a good cause too. :)

  3. Oh these sound so good! Especially the chilli & chocolate and the carrot cake ones. Love the packaging as well - so cute!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. The flavours sound great and I'm a sucker for lovely packaging, going to check these out!

    Kathryn x


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