Tuesday, 14 July 2015

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So this weeks post is going to be slightly different. Most of you have probably seen me in a post or two, but for those who haven't, I'm Livvy's other half, Jay. Your probably wondering what I'm doing on here, and the reason is to talk about an awesome watch I was given by the kind guys at Woodwatches.com. I have a slight addiction to watches, and so I was thrilled to know I was getting a review unit! 

I had seen wooded watches on Pintrest in the past but never thought about buying one, but know I have one, I can honestly say I love them! The model I received was the Dover in Koa and Black colour scheme. Visually, the watch is beautiful, with my favourite feature being the exposed mechanics in the face and on the back plate. It has a sapphire crystal face and has an automatic movement mechanism meaning I never need a battery, which is an extremely handy feature! The strap and body are made from real hard wood, and the finish is superb. I was expecting the watch to be reasonably heavy, however it's light on the wrist and fits very comfortably. Would definitely recommend this watch to any guy looking for alternative timepiece! 

Thanks again to Jord and Woodwatches.com!

Jay out. 

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  1. woah, that watch looks so different! such a nice change to leather straps or silver or gold! Perfect for when my boyfriends birthday is coming up


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