Tuesday, 1 September 2015

pimms and dad dancing.

wedding fun 11
wedding fun 10
wedding fun 9
wedding fun 5
wedding fun 4

bag | vintage
shoes | new look
 dress | oasis

i have returned from my french adventures!
i jetted off for my third wedding of the summer, my cousin T got married in ol' frenchy land to the beautiful S
the wedding was three days of eating and drinking (i'm pretty sure i gained a stone in those three days)
i did allot of dad dancing, this dress is ideal for it as it gives me and extra swish when i do some disco style spins, i'll just leave you with that image....

i will be back with some more of my french frolics soon, mainly me pulling silly faces and not being a serious blogger/ adult in any shape or form...

  wedding fun 3wedding fun 8wedding fun 7wedding fun 1

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  1. Oh wow, everything just looks so so gorgeous x


  2. Dad dancing is the BEST dancing - perfect place to get a dress, too ;) xx

  3. Just came across your blog through Loud as Love and I absolutely adore it, your photography is beautiful!! As well as your dress, which is perfect for dad dancing, indeed :) x

  4. You look lovely in that dress. I had no idea it was possible for young women to do "dad dancing" though. Maybe that's why I get funny looks on the dance floor....

  5. Looks like such a stunning wedding, love your dress!

    Julia x

  6. Beautiful pictures!



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