Monday, 26 October 2015

minty fresh.

mint loafer ootd 2
mint loafer ootd 3
mint loafer ootd 1
jacket | rare london*
jumper | boden*
bag | vintage
jeans | primark
loafers | office

a rare appearance of my bespectacled state (which i should really be all the time but i'm a rebel so ya know...) 
this is a classic uniform outfit for me, i pretty much have jeans glued to my legs most days and my collection may be getting out of hand...
these shoes are jays fault, he just had to pop into office and i spotted these babies which is have been eyeing up for months. well they were on sale so it would be rude not to and now i am also the proud own of a super bright pink pair of trainers (which i secretly love) but both are pretty so i'm not feeling that guilty.

mint loafer ootd 4

1 comment:

  1. You look stunning Livvy, so pretty! Your shoes are such a gorgeous colour too! x


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