Wednesday, 30 December 2015

a touch of plum.

topshop ootd 1
topshop ootd 3
topshop ootd 5
topshop ootd 2
jacket | rare london*
top | primark 
bag and skirt | topshop
boots | new look
sunglasses | ralph lauren

this has been my a bit of a winter uniform for me, i have developed a new found love for berry/plum shades of late. my bag (a sneaky sale purchase) has basically been surgically attached to me since i bought it. my snazzy sunnies were my christmas gift from jay, they are my first pair of 'proper' sunglasses. 
as this is my last post of the year i wanted to say a little thank you for your lovely comments and putting up with my infrequent posting! 
i hope you all have a wonderful new years and i'll see you on the other side!

topshop ootd 4

Monday, 28 December 2015

christmas snippets.

christmas snippets 5
christmas snippets 6
christmas snippets 7
christmas snippets 1
christmas snippets 3
hat and coat | primark
jeans | topshop
wellies | joules*

i just wanted to share a few snippets of christmas, i've been pretty poorly over the last week so it was a very relaxing and quiet christmas with lots of sleep and not much chocolate (i plan to make up for this very soon)
i somehow managed to co-ordinated my whole outfit on christmas day right down to my socks?
i hope everyone had a lovely christmas!

photos of me by kaal 
christmas snippets 2

Saturday, 5 December 2015

citizen m christmas event.

citizen m bankside christmas event 7
citizen m bankside christmas event 4
citizen m bankside christmas event 3
citizen m bankside christmas event 2
jumper | primark
skirt and boots | new look

last weekend the lovely lot at citizen m invited me for a day of festive fun. 
we started with brunch at borough market, once we had eaten we wandered round the market annoying stall holders by taking lots of pictures of their food (we looked like a proper gang of bloggers)
after walking off our brunch we jumped in a taxi and headed citizen m bankside for a cupcake decorating class with the cookie girl, turns out cupcake decorating is not my calling however but eating lots of cake is my calling. 
we finished the day with cocktails and chatting about blogging, it was so great to hang out with anoushka, helen, claire and helen such lovely blogging babes. 

citizen m bankside christmas event
citizen m bankside christmas event 6
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