Saturday, 27 February 2016

a morning with nicky clarke mayfair.

nicky clarke mayfair 7
nicky clarke mayfair 5
nicky clarke mayfair 3
nicky clarke mayfair 8
nicky clarke mayfair 4

last monday i was kindly invited to nicky clarke's salon in mayfair (a very fancy monday for me!) to have a little tour around the salon and have my hair made all pretty (and not my usual dragged out of bed look) 
i had charlie in charge of my locks, she gave my princess worthy curls whilst chatting away about hair, holidays ect. nicky himself came over for a chat and i proceeded to tell him i wasn't going to fashion week because i wasn't cool enough *insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here* 
we were treated to a lovely breakfast, where i in classic liv style managed to get croissant crumbs all over myself and my hair and drank champagne at half nine in the morning. i may have had an afternoon nap because of it....
a big thank you to the lovely lot at nicky clarke mayfair for having me and making my monday a bit more glamorous! 

nicky clarke mayfair 1
nicky clarke mayfair 2
nicky clarke mayfair 6

Monday, 22 February 2016

snug in shearling.

sheinside ootd 2
sheinside ootd 3
sheinside ootd 4
top | primark
skirt | asos
boots | new look

this outfit was probably a bit optimistic for the weather we've been having recently but this jacket from is pretty snuggly!
half the pictures from this post were classic hair/beard/windy situation so i'm pretty pleased there are some normal ones, good old london weather. 
the trusty aline skirt and polo neck combo is back out in full force but we all know i'm not one to break an outfit habit. 

sheinside ootd 1

Saturday, 20 February 2016

walk in the woods.

walk in the woods 11
walk in the woods 2
walk in the woods 10
walk in the woods 9
walk in the woods 4

on valentines day jay and i decided to venture out to wandlebury, we hadn't planned anything this year or even got each other cards! i did get flowers and a caramel donut on monday though, he's a good egg really!
it was such a beautiful day that i had to share the pictures, we vlogged the day so if you fancy giving it a watch the video is below!

walk in the woods 8
walk in the woods 7

Sunday, 14 February 2016

sunday errands.

radley ootd 8
radley ootd 7
radley ootd 4
radley ootd 2
radley ootd 6
radley ootd 1
coat and hat | primark
jumper | topshop
jeans | M&S
bag | radley*
boots | boden*

popping out on sundays to pick up 'nice things' from the shop is one of my favourite lazy activities, it usually involves buying avocado, bagels and flowers (such a cliche!)
this bag from radley has been my go to for chucking all of my stuff into, its perfect size for my laptop and my gym kit or for a weekly shop (slightly more glamerous than my bag for life!
the coral colour is right up my street and goes perfectly with one of my favourite lipsticks so it ticks all the boxes plus the purse on the side is detachable.

i popped up a new vlog yesterday if you fancy giving it a watch!

radley ootd 3
radley ootd 5

Saturday, 6 February 2016

another stripy top.

petit bateau ootd 4 petit bateau ootd 1 petit bateau ootd 2

stripy polo neck | petit bateau*
dungarees | M&S
bag | topshop
boots | boden*

whats that, another stripy top in my already slightly out of hand collection....
well when the its a petit bateau one you can't really not welcome it with one arms!
we shot this on a super windy day (looking back on these you can tell i'm a little chilly, my coat is literally 1cm out of shot!)
i've really been into the ol' dungarees look recently, i actually spotted these on liv and hunted them down in my local M&S and for a mere £17.99 i grabbed them and ran (more power walked) to the till.

jay and i have been vlogging again, thank you for your lovely comments of last weeks vlog!
you can watch it below or if you prefer click here and if you fancy subscribing that would pretty fab!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

valentines day with cheerz

valentines day with cheerz 2
valentines day with cheerz 1
valentines day with cheerz 3

not quite sure how it has come round to the subject of valentines so quickly!
my pals at cheerz have been at it again with their photo printing ways.
i am big believer in small thoughtful valentines day gifts and these little strips are the perfect small gift. i actually have some of the strips on my desk at work as its a cute little way to display your photos.
the love box is for the sentimentalists, allowing you to keep all your memories of your partner in crime in one pretty little box! 
even if you're not celebrating valentines day these prints are a lovely way to display your favourite memories.

if you want to treat your love one to these guys for valentines day you better be sharpish as the last day to order them to ensure they arrive for the big day is 4th february!

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