Saturday, 27 February 2016

a morning with nicky clarke mayfair.

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nicky clarke mayfair 5
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last monday i was kindly invited to nicky clarke's salon in mayfair (a very fancy monday for me!) to have a little tour around the salon and have my hair made all pretty (and not my usual dragged out of bed look) 
i had charlie in charge of my locks, she gave my princess worthy curls whilst chatting away about hair, holidays ect. nicky himself came over for a chat and i proceeded to tell him i wasn't going to fashion week because i wasn't cool enough *insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here* 
we were treated to a lovely breakfast, where i in classic liv style managed to get croissant crumbs all over myself and my hair and drank champagne at half nine in the morning. i may have had an afternoon nap because of it....
a big thank you to the lovely lot at nicky clarke mayfair for having me and making my monday a bit more glamorous! 

nicky clarke mayfair 1
nicky clarke mayfair 2
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