Sunday, 14 February 2016

sunday errands.

radley ootd 8
radley ootd 7
radley ootd 4
radley ootd 2
radley ootd 6
radley ootd 1
coat and hat | primark
jumper | topshop
jeans | M&S
bag | radley*
boots | boden*

popping out on sundays to pick up 'nice things' from the shop is one of my favourite lazy activities, it usually involves buying avocado, bagels and flowers (such a cliche!)
this bag from radley has been my go to for chucking all of my stuff into, its perfect size for my laptop and my gym kit or for a weekly shop (slightly more glamerous than my bag for life!
the coral colour is right up my street and goes perfectly with one of my favourite lipsticks so it ticks all the boxes plus the purse on the side is detachable.

i popped up a new vlog yesterday if you fancy giving it a watch!

radley ootd 3
radley ootd 5


  1. So so beautiful Livvy, you look absolutely stunning! The colour of your bag is so cute too! x

  2. Your coat and boots are golden! I really love them!
    Jade xo


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