Thursday, 4 February 2016

valentines day with cheerz

valentines day with cheerz 2
valentines day with cheerz 1
valentines day with cheerz 3

not quite sure how it has come round to the subject of valentines so quickly!
my pals at cheerz have been at it again with their photo printing ways.
i am big believer in small thoughtful valentines day gifts and these little strips are the perfect small gift. i actually have some of the strips on my desk at work as its a cute little way to display your photos.
the love box is for the sentimentalists, allowing you to keep all your memories of your partner in crime in one pretty little box! 
even if you're not celebrating valentines day these prints are a lovely way to display your favourite memories.

if you want to treat your love one to these guys for valentines day you better be sharpish as the last day to order them to ensure they arrive for the big day is 4th february!

1 comment:

  1. I'm considering getting something like this for my bf - we don't do big presents and this is so cute!Xx


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