Monday, 25 April 2016

back at it again with the leather jacket.

topshop midi dress 3
topshop midi dress 1
topshop midi dress 2
dress, lipstick and necklace | topshop
jacket | rare*
bag | joy
boots | newlook

lets just try not to get blinded by my milk bottle legs shall we, crazy to think it was warm enough to wear no tights a few weeks ago (not so much now)
its taken me a little while to come round to this dress, i think because its a bit longer than my usual dress of choice i feel like it might make me look a bit old lady but i've been wearing it more and more and feeling less old ladyish every time.
can we also just take a second for the print, oh hiya willliam morris type dreamy print!

jay and i did the boyfriend tag for our video this week as we absolutely failed at vlogging last weekend so as usual its below if you fancy a little watch!

topshop midi dress 4


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Livvy, you look amazing! Such a beauty x

  2. Absolutely love this dress I did always look at it when I was in Topshop, it takes some used to wearing a different style of something doesn't it, I'm trying to get into midi lengths and pushing myself to wear them as I love how they look on people!


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