Friday, 27 May 2016

kew gardens.

kew gardens 6
kew gardens 7
kew gardens 11
kew gardens 4
kew gardens 8
kew gardens 9
kew gardens 3
jacket | rare*
sandals | topshop
tee | john lewis
jeans | M&S
sunglasses | ralph lauren 

a few weekends ago we went on a family trip to kew gardens (i managed to burn my arms and head, nothing new there)
there a few places i like taking picture in more than a green house, the light is filtered perfectly, i mean apart from the fact that you get a little sweaty (especially if you have a blanket of hair like me) 
we were just about to leave when a woman said to her husband 'well they could clean the glass every once and while' it really tickled me, but it wouldn't have the same charm if it was squeaky clean
onto fashion....
these sandals are a new favourite of mine, so comfy and a steal for twenty two pounds as they are real leather!
my tee is actually a mens one i found in the sale, there were a few prison jokes but i like to think i looked more 'french chic' than 'prison chic'..... 
kew gardens 2
kew gardens 1

Saturday, 14 May 2016

cottons notting hill

cottons notting hill 10
cottons notting hill 1
cottons notting hill 8
cottons notting hill 9
cottons notting hill 2
cottons notting hill 7
cottons notting hill 6
where we ate
157-159 Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3LF
T: 0207 243 0090
what we ate
Barbecue glazed pork belly With rum & molasses, pickled vegetables
Honey & guava glazed Corn fed chicken Chow Infused with spiced rum 
Cottons Signature meat Platter | Jerk marinated & grilled Pork ribs, Lamb chop, Chicken pieces and herb crusted salt beef with plantain
Cottons Signature Fish & Seafood Platter | Scallops, Clams, King Prawns, Squid, Monkfish tails and lobster with plantain
Rice n peas
Fried Plantain
Chocolate Praline Bar Chocolate cake with praline mousse, lemon curd, iced bubble gum marshmallow 

what we drank
Ying Yang Colada | half pina colada, half frozen Daiquiri with edible flowers
Frozen daiquiri | dark rum, lime juice, strawberry puree and crushed ice
Reggae Rum Punch | Wray & Nephew overproof rum, orange & pineapple juice, lime juice and grenadine 

a few weeks ago i was invited to try out a new caribbean restaurant in notting hill, cottons was not a restaurant that had been on my radar before but once i asked a few friends about it they could not recommend the camden branch enough so i had high hopes for the notting hill restaurant escecically as there aren't that many caribbean restaurants local to the area. 
as you walk in you are welcomed with the sound of 90's r&b and a beautiful brightly painted mural wall. the resturant is modern is with caribian twist, we sat in the back which has a conservatory type of feel (good for letting in light when you want to take pictures of your food, i know blogger problems)
the food was lovely, not too spicy and full of flavour, i would say its not somewhere to eat if you are in a hurry as the staff let wait a little bit between courses but thats nice if you want a relaxed eveing
we also need a minute to talk about the cocktails, i had a ying yang colda which combines a frozen daiquiri and a pina colda. basically if you go get one, coconut slushy goodness. 

you can book here if you fancy checking it out for yourself and they also deliver if you want to sit in your pjs and watch telly instead of venturing outside. 

cottons notting hill 4
cottons notting hill 3

*all food and drinks were covered for reviewing purposes however all views and cocktail loving sentiments are my own 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

cleaning up my skin.

biore baking soda
biore baking soda
biore baking soda

well would you look at this, i actually have a differnt kind of blog post for you, just a few of my favourite skin products that have helped clear up my pesky spots. 

this has been a firm favourite of mine for about a year, when i suffered with pretty bad skin last year this stuff soothed and cleared it up. its not the cheapest at fifteen pounds a bottle, but it makes my skin feel squeaky clean but not dry and tight (oh yeah!)

another classic product that is worth the hype, it cleanses, it moisturizes and it lasts for flipping ever!  

i have been using this face wash for about a month and the baking soda cleansing scrub* i cannot recommend it enough, any spots i had before started to go and if any start lurking this bad boy makes sure the don't stick around. 

this guy, another spot busting dream. i use a small amount on my face morning and evening, don't put too much on before make up as it goes a bit peely under foundation but i really notice when i don't use it for a few days. 

i mainly use this at night as its quite heavy for the day time but my skin always feels like it needs a bit of moisture by the end of the day (flipping british weather does not help) it is very hydrating and as i'm getting a bit older the anti-wrinkle business can only be good (lets forget people think i'm 17 all the time...)

Monday, 2 May 2016

columbia road.

columbia road 4
columbia road 7
columbia road 8
columbia road 1
columbia road 2
coat and jumper | primark
jeans and necklace| topshop
boots | new look
sunglasses | ralph lauren 

so after living in london for almost two years i have finally gone to columbia road market, it is worth the hype.
on a chilly sunday morning i dragged a complaining hungover jay across london to buy flowers and i tell you what he enjoyed himself (only took six months of saying we should go....)
we wandered around the flower stalls, i made a few purchases(not all for me, i went home with a bunch of bluebells....well three) and a bacon sandwiches in the sunshine.
i cant wait to go back when its a bit warmer and we can sit in the park for a bit longer than fifteen minutes! 
for a moving documentation of our visit the vlog is below! (let me know if you've been enjoying the videos as i would love to know what you think of them!)

columbia road 9
columbia road 3
columbia road 6
columbia road 10
columbia road
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