Wednesday, 4 May 2016

cleaning up my skin.

biore baking soda
biore baking soda
biore baking soda

well would you look at this, i actually have a differnt kind of blog post for you, just a few of my favourite skin products that have helped clear up my pesky spots. 

this has been a firm favourite of mine for about a year, when i suffered with pretty bad skin last year this stuff soothed and cleared it up. its not the cheapest at fifteen pounds a bottle, but it makes my skin feel squeaky clean but not dry and tight (oh yeah!)

another classic product that is worth the hype, it cleanses, it moisturizes and it lasts for flipping ever!  

i have been using this face wash for about a month and the baking soda cleansing scrub* i cannot recommend it enough, any spots i had before started to go and if any start lurking this bad boy makes sure the don't stick around. 

this guy, another spot busting dream. i use a small amount on my face morning and evening, don't put too much on before make up as it goes a bit peely under foundation but i really notice when i don't use it for a few days. 

i mainly use this at night as its quite heavy for the day time but my skin always feels like it needs a bit of moisture by the end of the day (flipping british weather does not help) it is very hydrating and as i'm getting a bit older the anti-wrinkle business can only be good (lets forget people think i'm 17 all the time...)

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  1. I love the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo! x


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