Monday, 2 May 2016

columbia road.

columbia road 4
columbia road 7
columbia road 8
columbia road 1
columbia road 2
coat and jumper | primark
jeans and necklace| topshop
boots | new look
sunglasses | ralph lauren 

so after living in london for almost two years i have finally gone to columbia road market, it is worth the hype.
on a chilly sunday morning i dragged a complaining hungover jay across london to buy flowers and i tell you what he enjoyed himself (only took six months of saying we should go....)
we wandered around the flower stalls, i made a few purchases(not all for me, i went home with a bunch of bluebells....well three) and a bacon sandwiches in the sunshine.
i cant wait to go back when its a bit warmer and we can sit in the park for a bit longer than fifteen minutes! 
for a moving documentation of our visit the vlog is below! (let me know if you've been enjoying the videos as i would love to know what you think of them!)

columbia road 9
columbia road 3
columbia road 6
columbia road 10
columbia road


  1. Ah I have been meaning to go here for the age but like you, i had never gotten around to it. You can't go wrong with bluebells!
    xA Story of a Girl

  2. Stunning photos as always Livvy, so beautiful! You look lovely as ever too girl x

  3. Beautiful photographs and you look lovely! x

  4. amazing post!the photos are soo great,i love it.


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