Friday, 27 May 2016

kew gardens.

kew gardens 6
kew gardens 7
kew gardens 11
kew gardens 4
kew gardens 8
kew gardens 9
kew gardens 3
jacket | rare*
sandals | topshop
tee | john lewis
jeans | M&S
sunglasses | ralph lauren 

a few weekends ago we went on a family trip to kew gardens (i managed to burn my arms and head, nothing new there)
there a few places i like taking picture in more than a green house, the light is filtered perfectly, i mean apart from the fact that you get a little sweaty (especially if you have a blanket of hair like me) 
we were just about to leave when a woman said to her husband 'well they could clean the glass every once and while' it really tickled me, but it wouldn't have the same charm if it was squeaky clean
onto fashion....
these sandals are a new favourite of mine, so comfy and a steal for twenty two pounds as they are real leather!
my tee is actually a mens one i found in the sale, there were a few prison jokes but i like to think i looked more 'french chic' than 'prison chic'..... 
kew gardens 2
kew gardens 1


  1. These photos are absolutely stunning Livvy, so so pretty! x

  2. Beautiful photos! Reminds me of Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
    Blue Jazzmin

  3. It looks amazing there, I have wanted to visit for a while now, I must go soon!!

    Lauren Rose

  4. Beautiful photos :)
    Maria V.

  5. Love the way you captured these wonderful gardens !
    How I miss strolling around them !



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