Thursday, 23 June 2016

afternoon tea at the arch.

afternoon tea at the arch 2
afternoon tea at the arch 5
afternoon tea at the arch 3
afternoon tea at the arch 6
where we ate
The Arch London
50 Great Cumberland Place
what we ate
royal afternoon tea*

a few weeks ago jay and i ventured (albeit not too far) to marble arch for afternoon tea at the arch 
we sat in a little booth tucked away from the restaurant where be basically ate ourselves into a cake induced coma.
we chose our tea from basically of novel length tea menu, i opted for moroccan (i'm usually an earl grey kinda gal) which was a nice balance with the amount of sugar i was about to eat
every thing on that cake stand was so delicious, i only managed to eat one of my scones but if there was only a tiny bit left i would have fitted it in!
everyone at the hotel was so lovely and friendly and couldn't have been more helpful! 
we also need a second to talk about this crockery, i would happily eat every meal off of it forever....
the royal afternoon tea is running until 30th october so if you fancy a little treat just off oxford street its well worth a visit!

afternoon tea at the arch 1
afternoon tea at the arch 4
*all food and drinks were provided for reviewing purposes however all views and cake loving sentiments are my own 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

chelsea girl.

gemporia 2
gemporia 3
gemporia 4
top | pull and bear
jeans | M&S 
bag | joy
necklace | topshop
ring | gemporia*

so i've lived in london for two years and i had never been to chelsea since last week...
i know i know, its bloody beautiful and only being a twenty minute bike ride (a very begrudging bike ride...) i will be visiting more often as there are so many cafes ands shops that i didn't have the chance to visit. there's a vlog of our adventures below!
gemporia very kindly sent me this beautiful rose gold ring, it has not left my hand since it arrived and i've had some lovely comments about it. they also have a nifty app which lets you work out your ring size which saves all the faffing around with a tape measure and a confused face!
gemporia 1

Thursday, 9 June 2016

cheerz x polaroid

cheerz x polaroid 1
cheerz x polaroid 2
cheerz x polaroid 4

so i've teamed up with my pals at cheerz again to tell you about another of their lovely new products!
they have teamed up with the gang at polaroid to bring you beautiful prints of your favourite pictures of a classic polaroid film (oohhhh that glossy and embossed feeling, i will take a nerd alert for that one) they also have a snazzy colourful back which pleases my greatly!
i for one am sold, much as i love instant film photography you generally only get one go at a picture unless you are not bothered about wasting your film (i am not one of those people, considering its basically a pound a go!)
you can order the polaroid 3000 print box for £15 for 18 prints, i decided to get some of my favourite instagram's printed this time as i think iphone photography can be a bit underrated sometimes and its nice to show off what your little phone can do 

cheerz x polaroid 3
cheerz x polaroid 5

Saturday, 4 June 2016

spring make up favourites

spring make up favorites 2
spring make up favorites 1
spring make up favorites 3

well heres something that doesn't crop up here allot, don't worry friends you are in the right place!
i've been trying to mix it up a bit more here recently, so lets see how this goes! 

a became a pen eyeliner convert a few years ago as i am rubbish with the brushes and get it all over my eyes. plus the pen makes it easier to be accurate with those flicks!

i've tried a few higher end foundations however i keep coming back to this, its light blends nicely. basically a great everyday foundation. 

topshop cream blush
this colour adds a little bit of colour to my already red cheeks, the creamy formula doesn't sit heavy on the skin, plus it has a handy little mirror!

i got this as an emergency primer but its turned into a favourite, it doesn't sit on top of my skin like the benefit one (which i kind of like) it blends in like a moisturiser but it does a top job of keeping my foundation in place all day.

i probably don't need to review this as everyone and their dog has reviewed it but its just so darn pretty! 

for days when my skin is a little bit lack luster this guy gives me a little glow and i also use it as a highlighter when it takes my fancy.  

i use this when i attempt to contour, so every once and a while...
it gives a pretty highlight with a nice creamy finish


Wednesday, 1 June 2016


#HomeMovieNight 3
#HomeMovieNight 2
#HomeMovieNight 4

there are few things i like doing more than sitting in bed eating, it is literally my favourite thing. so when HMV asked if i wanted to be part of their #HomeMoiveNight i didn't even have to think about saying yes.
they sent me a lovey box of movie night essentials to share with a friend and seeing as jay is my normal movie buddy i roped him into watching the breakfast club.
breakfast club is a staple in any movie lovers collection plus the music in it is A+ (also molly ringwald's hair is dreamy)
the combination of popcorn/M&M's/frozen daiquiri/facemask's and being cosy under the duvet with my candles lit is defiantly a situation i would like to be in more often!  

*movie treats were provided by HMV

#HomeMovieNight 1
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