Thursday, 9 June 2016

cheerz x polaroid

cheerz x polaroid 1
cheerz x polaroid 2
cheerz x polaroid 4

so i've teamed up with my pals at cheerz again to tell you about another of their lovely new products!
they have teamed up with the gang at polaroid to bring you beautiful prints of your favourite pictures of a classic polaroid film (oohhhh that glossy and embossed feeling, i will take a nerd alert for that one) they also have a snazzy colourful back which pleases my greatly!
i for one am sold, much as i love instant film photography you generally only get one go at a picture unless you are not bothered about wasting your film (i am not one of those people, considering its basically a pound a go!)
you can order the polaroid 3000 print box for £15 for 18 prints, i decided to get some of my favourite instagram's printed this time as i think iphone photography can be a bit underrated sometimes and its nice to show off what your little phone can do 

cheerz x polaroid 3
cheerz x polaroid 5


  1. This is super cute, such a lovely idea for a gift too! x

  2. I use a polaroid compact printer to get prints of iPhone photos and I love how easy it is to transport, however the prints can sometimes be a bit small. I love that you can now order your prints in a little bigger, instant snap style


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