Wednesday, 1 June 2016


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there are few things i like doing more than sitting in bed eating, it is literally my favourite thing. so when HMV asked if i wanted to be part of their #HomeMoiveNight i didn't even have to think about saying yes.
they sent me a lovey box of movie night essentials to share with a friend and seeing as jay is my normal movie buddy i roped him into watching the breakfast club.
breakfast club is a staple in any movie lovers collection plus the music in it is A+ (also molly ringwald's hair is dreamy)
the combination of popcorn/M&M's/frozen daiquiri/facemask's and being cosy under the duvet with my candles lit is defiantly a situation i would like to be in more often!  

*movie treats were provided by HMV

#HomeMovieNight 1


  1. I love The Breakfast Club! Such a great choice, and definitely a classic. This sounds like a blissful night in, although I'd trade the M&M's for some Buttons ;) x

  2. This looks perfect, so so cute! x

  3. lovely post!


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