Saturday, 4 June 2016

spring make up favourites

spring make up favorites 2
spring make up favorites 1
spring make up favorites 3

well heres something that doesn't crop up here allot, don't worry friends you are in the right place!
i've been trying to mix it up a bit more here recently, so lets see how this goes! 

a became a pen eyeliner convert a few years ago as i am rubbish with the brushes and get it all over my eyes. plus the pen makes it easier to be accurate with those flicks!

i've tried a few higher end foundations however i keep coming back to this, its light blends nicely. basically a great everyday foundation. 

topshop cream blush
this colour adds a little bit of colour to my already red cheeks, the creamy formula doesn't sit heavy on the skin, plus it has a handy little mirror!

i got this as an emergency primer but its turned into a favourite, it doesn't sit on top of my skin like the benefit one (which i kind of like) it blends in like a moisturiser but it does a top job of keeping my foundation in place all day.

i probably don't need to review this as everyone and their dog has reviewed it but its just so darn pretty! 

for days when my skin is a little bit lack luster this guy gives me a little glow and i also use it as a highlighter when it takes my fancy.  

i use this when i attempt to contour, so every once and a while...
it gives a pretty highlight with a nice creamy finish


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