Sunday, 25 September 2016

a night in citizenM shoreditch.

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having lived near london my whole life and in it for the last few years i haven't ever stayed in a hotel in the city, so the concept of a 'staycation' is a little foreign to me (especially when you have a pay london rent!) this all changed when i had my first staycation offered to me by the lovely lot at citizenM in their brand spanking new shoreditch hotel.
i jumped on the tube to liverpool street and a short walk later (stopping to take pictures of strangers houses along the way) i arrived, checked in and drive bombed head first into my huge bed. 
having messed around with all the light settings, which was mainly playing with the colour wheel... i ventured out into shoreditch for snacks and some dinner (which may have been  a nandos)
you might now think i went on to do some rock'n'roll adventuring, this is where you would be wrong. i sat in that comfy bed all night eating and watching films and that my friends is how you have a good time!
 having prised jay out the bed in the morning we packed up and headed down for breakfast (which runs to eleven am, this is something i am very into as most places run till nine thirty and who wants to get up that early on a sunday i ask?) 
we then proceeded to make the most of the buffet breakfast, although i remembered that being GF i can't eat half of the lovely things on offer but jay managed to do his best for the both of us. 
we then had a little snoop round the 'lounge' area and headed off for a sunday stroll round shoreditch. 

citizenm shoreditch 2
citizenM shoredtich
*my stay was provided for review purposes however all views and love of big comfy beds are my own

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