Monday, 19 September 2016

five things i learnt when i went on a cruise.

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earlier in the year jay and i hopped on a cruise ship for a weekend to guernsey and i thought i would share some things i learnt from our trip

1 | explore as much as possible

we only had a day on the island and i'm sure this is the case when you go to more exotic places too. we booked an excursion (it was an accident but worked out for the best!) which was a driven tour round the island stopping at beautiful spots and our driver telling us funny stories and little facts. it also gave jay a chance to fly his drone round some beautiful secluded areas. 

2 | make the most of the onboard entertainment and facilities 

the ship we were on had movie nights, swimming pools, shows, cookery classes and so many other things. i wish we had more time to make use of the swimming pool and jaccuzzi as they were open air on the top deck of the ship with a beautiful view day or night.

3 | be mindful of little charges

you are charged a five pound tip per person to your room account everyday so that adds up over time, if you want to drink something thats not tea/coffee or water you will have to spend some money on drinks but they are around the same price as london but they do have to lug them all round the world!

4 | you will eat allot

you are given a three course meal every evening and a buffet breakfast and lunch, i can confirm you will not go hungry whilst onboard, we felt like all we did was eat! so the gym i mentioned earlier might be useful!

5 | its not full of old people

i mean there are a fair percentage of the 'older' generation however i noticed lots of young families and hen do's on our trip which might be because we were only going a few hours away but chatting to people i found out that people mainly go on the shorter cruises to see if they like it so they can book a longer more exotic one 

i would definitely recommend taking a cruise at some point as its a different way to experiance a holiday.
if you feel inspired to hop on a cruise ship anytime soon iglu have lots of cruises on offer and you can put my tips to use!
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*this post contains sponsored content however all views and lessons learnt are my own


  1. These pictures are divine, so so beautiful! Such a great post Livvy! x

  2. These photos are so lovely! :) Always been a little sceptical about cruises, but sounds like you had a lovely time!


  3. I'm going on a cruise next year for my Mum's birthday and I literally can't wait.

    The Crown Wings


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