Sunday, 29 January 2017

the sky garden

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so i've found my new favourite spot for a smoothie and a cheeky little slice of cake, admittedly you have to book three weeks in advance for an hour slot for the privilege to do that and go through airport like security buuutttt on a sunny sunday morning it is deffs worth it!
i am of course talking about the sky garden perched on top of the walkie talkie (big fan of the name) you can live all your palm/greenhouse dreams with some pretty snazzy views of old london town.
make sure you take a warm coat (i know, not your mum just a friendly piece of advice) because you may think 'oh its inside, it will be nice and toasty' you would be wrong my friend take those layers you're gonna need them (unless your fancy and sitting in the restaurant, that looked pretty snug)
there are a pretty delsih' selection of snacks and cocktails that aren't too crazy prices, but i may have lived into london for too long to be able to gage that....
 if you can nab yourself a spot, perhaps a sunset one (the dream) then i highly recommend, plus its free!
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Sunday, 22 January 2017

adventures | blakeney point

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i'm not here to sound like a 'visit norfolk' advert, well actually i am because its bloody great but you know i'm bias
i've been visiting norfolk ever since i was small as i have family right on the north norfolk cost and every time i go it just steals my heart.
in that weird week between christmas and new year when you're picking toffee pennys out your hair and wondering if its too early for a gin, family newman (including dog) and i bundled up into our fairly small car (i had to sit with knees by my ears, no joke for two and half hours) and headed off
stalking my loved ones instagrams before our visit i saw a few baby seals popping up and that uncontrollable fuzzy feeling you get when you see cute animals was too much to bear. cue me texting my cousins demanding we see the seals if its the only thing we do!
and then we end up here, with quite a few...maybe too of baby seals and no one to share them with which is why you are reading this post. 
now if you don't like baby seals its probably too late, but you know scroll on and see if there's something else that tickles you fancy. i do challenge you to find someone who doesn't find baby seals cute though?

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

48 hours in bath

48 hours in bath 14
48 hours in bath 15
48 hours in bath 11
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48 hours in bath 9
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48 hours in bath 11

a few months ago (bonfire weekend to be exact, actually is that a thing?) i ventured to bath for the weekend with my two best pals to see the fourth member of our gang and embarrass him as much as possible in 48 hours, its what any good friends would do, no?
we stayed in a beautiful air bnb which was a flat in a big old house, if you're ever looking for a place to stay for the weekend cherry's place is about twenty minutes walk from the centre of town (you gotta have some good calves on you to do the hill but its worth it) 
bath as it turns out is a delightful place to eat if your gluten free, so many restaurants and cafes that don't blink an eye about having GF options on the menu. the highlights were brunch at velo lounge and pizza for dinner at the stable (the four cheese pizza is all kinds of amazing) so a pat on the back there bath.
as a bit of a treat we got up early on sunday morning (read, arrived at nine am) and went to the therma spa, now its a bit pricey at thirty eight pounds for two hours in the spa but its worth it for sitting in the rooftop pool with your best pals looking out over that somerset goodness. 
looking back at the photos i already want to plan another visit, preferably when its a tad warmer, but you can't always count on england for that now can you?
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Sunday, 8 January 2017

crocodile dundee.

sunday in kensington 14
sunday in kensington 9
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sunday in kensington 7
jacket | primark
jumper | H&M
jeans | M&S
boots | asos*
bag | accessorize

i'm having a little moment for snakeskin, these boots have proved to have a marmite effect amongst everyone i know but i feel like i working a steve tyler/crocodile dundee (in their comfies) vibe when i wear them. 
this jumper is a current fave and a bargain at £14.99, i know i didn't need another cream knitted jumper but i'm a girl with a problem!

jay and i have a little tradition that we go to the natural history museum before christmas (a slight delay in getting this post up...) its just such a beautiful building and i am happy to wonder round for hours with a cup of tea in hand. i think i have some many pictures of different parts of the building over the years, this year we sent lots of time in the gems and rocks room, there is something about the light in there that is so calm and beautiful. 

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