Sunday, 22 January 2017

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i'm not here to sound like a 'visit norfolk' advert, well actually i am because its bloody great but you know i'm bias
i've been visiting norfolk ever since i was small as i have family right on the north norfolk cost and every time i go it just steals my heart.
in that weird week between christmas and new year when you're picking toffee pennys out your hair and wondering if its too early for a gin, family newman (including dog) and i bundled up into our fairly small car (i had to sit with knees by my ears, no joke for two and half hours) and headed off
stalking my loved ones instagrams before our visit i saw a few baby seals popping up and that uncontrollable fuzzy feeling you get when you see cute animals was too much to bear. cue me texting my cousins demanding we see the seals if its the only thing we do!
and then we end up here, with quite a few...maybe too of baby seals and no one to share them with which is why you are reading this post. 
now if you don't like baby seals its probably too late, but you know scroll on and see if there's something else that tickles you fancy. i do challenge you to find someone who doesn't find baby seals cute though?

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  1. These pictures are just breath taking Livvy, absolutely stunning! x


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