Sunday, 29 January 2017

the sky garden

sky garden 12 sky garden 10 sky garden 1sky garden 2

so i've found my new favourite spot for a smoothie and a cheeky little slice of cake, admittedly you have to book three weeks in advance for an hour slot for the privilege to do that and go through airport like security buuutttt on a sunny sunday morning it is deffs worth it!
i am of course talking about the sky garden perched on top of the walkie talkie (big fan of the name) you can live all your palm/greenhouse dreams with some pretty snazzy views of old london town.
make sure you take a warm coat (i know, not your mum just a friendly piece of advice) because you may think 'oh its inside, it will be nice and toasty' you would be wrong my friend take those layers you're gonna need them (unless your fancy and sitting in the restaurant, that looked pretty snug)
there are a pretty delsih' selection of snacks and cocktails that aren't too crazy prices, but i may have lived into london for too long to be able to gage that....
 if you can nab yourself a spot, perhaps a sunset one (the dream) then i highly recommend, plus its free!
sky garden 4 sky garden 5 sky garden 3 sky garden 9


  1. It looks really beautiful there!

  2. These pictures are absolutely stunning! I've always wanted to visit the Sky Garden, it looks lovely! x

  3. This place looks amazing ! I'll have to try and visit it next time I go to London :)
    Thank you for the discovery xx


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