Sunday, 26 February 2017

broadway market.

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jacket | missguided
top | matalan
jeans and belt | topshop
boots | new look similar 

there are fewer things i love than wandering round a food market on weekend morning, even on a freezing slightly rainy day i'm game. amazingly i hadn't visited broadway market yet, considering how close to shoreditch (well i say close, i don't mind walking a few miles to save on a bus fair...) so i coaxed jay out of bed with promises of food stalls and cute dogs, thankfully they were delivered (we saw a bulldog puppy and i nearly died of its cuteness, literally) 
the stalls of pastries, burgers and other foodie delights were pretty dribble inducing but when its raining and your holding an umbrella/camera/bag/kitchen sink sometime you just want to warm up and potentially people watch, a cafe is very much needed. we managed to snag a window seat at the market cafe, where i discovered that eggs benedict on hash browns are a match made in heaven! it gets very busy in there and looks like a fave haunt of the locals so i recommend being an organised human and booking if you want a table. 

this missguided jacket is basically like wearing a furry hug, its so thick that i do struggle to move my arms but thats a small detail and you don't need your arms for many things, do you....
also, big fan of this matalan top which is a total steal at twelve pounds, it costs less than going to the cinema! (the cinema in london anyway...)

broadway market 1

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

five things i've learnt since going gluten free.

what i learnt going gluten free

1 | you spend allot of time reading the back of packets
i think i spend more of my time when shopping checking the back of packets and googling if i can have things, i once didn't realise barley had gluten in it (what a plonker)

2 | coconut and rice become your best friends
everything i seem to eat is made of coconut or rice, i should probably have shares in mrs crumbles coconut macroons.... 

3 | lunch is the trickiest meal
this is my biggest gripe with being GF, i'm not a bit salad girl so if i forget my lunch and end up in pret or costa (the worst offender) it does leave me just staring at the counter with small beads of hanger induced sweat running down my forehead. recently M&S have started a range of GF sandwiches which have been my saviour, so fewer lunches on the go have ended up with hanger rage!

4 | everything seems to be one pound more expensive
whenever i have been to a restaurant or cafe i will very often hear 'yes the GF option will be more expensive, thats okay isn't it?' well its not but i'm already spending more on my pasta and bread so carry on with my bankruptcy (i have been buying stuff from amazon which is a little cheaper) 

5 | its worth it
otherwise i would look like i'm expecting twins imminently

any recommendations for products, tips/tricks or restaurants would be very welcome my way

Sunday, 12 February 2017


blushin' 4
blushin' 2
blushin' 6
jumper and neckalce | H&M similar
skirt | topshop similar
bracelets | orelia
boots | new look similar 

guess who thought it would be a great idea to shoot outfit pictures without a coat when it was one degree *raises hand what a life of glamour i lead eh...
i tell you what was glamorous though we were casually shooting and gok wan just sauntered past with his pal (i'm guessing on their way to brunch, that what celebs do on sundays isn't it?)
if you can't tell i'm really into gold jewellery at the moment, i've never been a big necklace lover but i saw this beauty from H&M thats a bit like that necklace (you know the one) but for about five percent of the price so i may have grabbed it a little too enthusiastically... 
family members have asked if i wear it in mourning of all the croissants i can't eat any more (oh that GF life) which you know could actually be a very valid point..

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blushin' 8
blushin' 5

Sunday, 5 February 2017

escape to the country.

wicken fen 11
wicken fen 5
wicken fen 6
wicken fen 3
wicken fen 9

so this post is kind of what it says on the tin, we went on escape to the country. 
wicken fen to be exact, which i highly recommend for its fluffy cow and horse situ, basically i was smiling like an idiot for the whole walk.
i have developed the fine art of getting horses to come over and let me stroke them, i haven't quite mastered it with cows but i did get a baby one to turn round and stare at me for a bit, which i count as a win. whilst we are on the topic of baby cows, can you handle how cute this one is because i can't, so much so that i have printed the picture off and stuck it on a wall to look at if i'm ever sad (some would say i'm sad in another sense for doing this, clearly they don't look a baby cows enough...)
here you will see me sporting something that you doesn't frequent here that much, say it quietly now...sensible clothing, this bad boy of a parker is from regatta last year but i've found one pretty similar here if you're in the market for one.
now i leave you to become obsessed with pictures of baby cows like me and spend your days googling images of them, maybe a bit far but i'm not one to judge....

wicken fen 7
wicken fen 2
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wicken fen 10
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