Sunday, 12 February 2017


blushin' 4
blushin' 2
blushin' 6
jumper and neckalce | H&M similar
skirt | topshop similar
bracelets | orelia
boots | new look similar 

guess who thought it would be a great idea to shoot outfit pictures without a coat when it was one degree *raises hand what a life of glamour i lead eh...
i tell you what was glamorous though we were casually shooting and gok wan just sauntered past with his pal (i'm guessing on their way to brunch, that what celebs do on sundays isn't it?)
if you can't tell i'm really into gold jewellery at the moment, i've never been a big necklace lover but i saw this beauty from H&M thats a bit like that necklace (you know the one) but for about five percent of the price so i may have grabbed it a little too enthusiastically... 
family members have asked if i wear it in mourning of all the croissants i can't eat any more (oh that GF life) which you know could actually be a very valid point..

blushin' 7
blushin' 8
blushin' 5

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  1. lovely look Livvy, love the blush sweater and that necklace, so delicate and cute :)


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