Sunday, 19 February 2017

five things i've learnt since going gluten free.

what i learnt going gluten free

1 | you spend allot of time reading the back of packets
i think i spend more of my time when shopping checking the back of packets and googling if i can have things, i once didn't realise barley had gluten in it (what a plonker)

2 | coconut and rice become your best friends
everything i seem to eat is made of coconut or rice, i should probably have shares in mrs crumbles coconut macroons.... 

3 | lunch is the trickiest meal
this is my biggest gripe with being GF, i'm not a bit salad girl so if i forget my lunch and end up in pret or costa (the worst offender) it does leave me just staring at the counter with small beads of hanger induced sweat running down my forehead. recently M&S have started a range of GF sandwiches which have been my saviour, so fewer lunches on the go have ended up with hanger rage!

4 | everything seems to be one pound more expensive
whenever i have been to a restaurant or cafe i will very often hear 'yes the GF option will be more expensive, thats okay isn't it?' well its not but i'm already spending more on my pasta and bread so carry on with my bankruptcy (i have been buying stuff from amazon which is a little cheaper) 

5 | its worth it
otherwise i would look like i'm expecting twins imminently

any recommendations for products, tips/tricks or restaurants would be very welcome my way

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