Sunday, 26 March 2017

back to basics.

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jacket and jumper | primark similar similar
jeans | topshop
bag | CSC
trainers | zara similar 

there i was saying i really need to branch out from the ol' jumper and jeans combo but here we are again...
i recently managed to split my trust blue jamie jeans right up to the bum, a glamorous look as i'm sure you can all imagine, so i began the 'great jean hunt' (you all know what i mean) 
i wanted to try something different from my 'sprayed on skinny jean' usual look, i've seen liv and kim rocking the more straight leg/more relaxed kinda jeans and got a little ispo.
 so i end up back in trusty topshop upon doing a little research and come out with these bad boys, its fair to say its love.

photographs by jay khatri

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  1. The jeans look really casual and cool! Might have to try this style too

  2. I always love your basic looks, love the jacket and jeans here Liv <3 basic but chic as always <3

  3. I really love the straight leg jeans, don't get me wrong skinny is good but sometimes I love to change things up now and again and who said there is anything wrong with a good jumper and jean combo! I'm all about the basics


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