Sunday, 5 March 2017

maybe baby.

maybe baby 8 maybe baby 1 maybe baby 5

jacket | love similar
jumper | joanie clothing
skirt | bershka
bag | asos
boots | ebay
i had to seriously cull the amount of swishing around of pictures for this post, there is something about midi skirts that make me want twirl (yes i am five years old, you know you would too)
as much as i love a midi skirt i wish i was brave enough to wear them on an everyday kinda outfit (basically like this outfit) i feel like i want to be a bit braver with my style in general as i am very much a jeans and jumper kind of gal. 
i feel i was being a bit enthusiastic when braving bare legs a few weeks ago when we shot this outfit, they have firmly gone back into tights until the weather takes a good look at itself and sorts its life out. luckily the spanx i was rocking under this skirt (partly for warmth, partly for their job) were keeping my thighs toasty warm, plus i went home and put my pj's on shortly after...its all glamour this blogging business 
maybe baby 4 maybe baby 2 maybe baby 6


  1. Such a gorgeous outfit! I deffo need to get myself some midi skirts for spring xx

    Lucy x |

  2. So so beautiful Livvy! This outfit is just super simple yet chic x

  3. lovely outfit Livvy, I don't blame you for the swirling around, skirts tend to have that effect on me too, especially midi ones :D
    love the shoes as well, so chic <3


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