Sunday, 12 March 2017

return of the lob.

lob life 6 lob life 1
lob life 5
jacket | primark similar 
jumper and necklace | H&M

anyone else really enjoying my super tenuous title, it seems my sunday brain couldn't think of anything more original....
throughout my late teens and early twenties (kinda still in my early twenties but you know until last year is what i mean) i've always had long hair, its my safety blanket, the frame for this old moon face. last year i decided enough was enough and that i would cut it because daily dreadlocks are no way to live and it frankly felt a bit ridiculous. 
i will admit i am pretty lazy when it comes to hair cuts, so it had been nine months since i went for 'the chop' and was getting the itch (not literally, that would be worrying) so get a good few inches chopped off. 
i get my hair chopping done by ian at brookes (i highly recommend if you're an essex/hertfordshire dweller) i have been going there for a mere ten years...
fun fact, i have tried to shoot this jacket three times over the last two weeks, twice i have been rained off and once i couldn't find a good location (it would be nice not to be so picky about pictures) but best laid plans and all that. 
lob life 2
lob life 4

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  1. These photos are so so gorgeous!!

    What camera do you use?

    Adore your jacket too! x


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