Sunday, 30 April 2017

blue sude shoes.

charlotte olympia 6 charlotte olympia 2 charlotte olympia 4
top | H&M similar 
jeans | topshop
bag | vintage
jacket | zara similar 

i proudly present you my new pride and joys, my first pair of designer shoes. admittedly i got them at a sample sale so although they still feel like a an 'achievement' to buy them, even though they were quite a lot less than their usual five hundred pounds price tag. i've been breaking them in by wearing them round the flat with in my pj's with some big socks on, so on trend i know!
there is something so 'springy' about a light wash jean and a cream blouse (i realise this sounds very basic bitch) but i'm a big fan, this little flarey sleeve number has been sitting in my wardrobe for a few years and always manages to break free from the back of the cupboard every time spring rolls around. 
this outfit is obviously accompanied by a bloody massive coat at the moment as england has decided that we should go back to winter as we had clearly had a enough spring (will i ever stop talking about the weather, probably not..)
photographs by jay khatri
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Sunday, 23 April 2017

five to try if you have lacklustre skin.

biore 4

i'm back with one of those mystical beauty/skin care post that rolls round every once and while on here, my skin is a bit pesky so once i find a routine i like i tend to keep to it hence the lack of snazzy beauty content all the time. my skin has been a bit pesky at the moment with a dry/spotty combo so i thought i would share some products that have been busting those problems

i' m a big fan of bioderma, as is everyone but this french pharmacy staple tends to be an old faithful to many. i've been trying out their new blackhead/spot eliminating cream and it has fulfilled its promise to reduce my black heads and is great at soothing those angry red spots.

my skin has gone through quite a dry phase recently this little number has a helping bring back some life and moisture, i like to pop this on before my make up to make sure i don't have any annoying dry patches that my foundation likes to cling to, i would say don't use too much before applying make up as it can roll off a bit which i have also noticed with the la roche posay products. 

glycolic acid has been all over the interwebz recently so i obviously decided to add to it...
this serum is a great addition to my nighttime routine it evens out my complexion and contains aloe vera that adds to that soothing feeling when you apply it (so a thumbs up from me)

i have been pretty loyal to estee lauder moistures (when i can afford them) i find they never break me out, ensure my skins is hydrated all day and sit under my foundation, basically its great and i highly recommend. 

when all those other moisturisers i've just mentioned aren't quite cutting it i chuck this guy on for a bit of TLC, it does remind me that gel that boys used to wear in their hair in year 7 but once its on the skin it feels faaaaab, i like to pop it on before bed so when i make up in the morning my face feels great (not sure how many times i've said hydrated of great in this post)   
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Sunday, 16 April 2017

spots for spring.

spots in spring 4 spots in spring 2 spots in spring 3
dress | primark similar 
bandana | ebay
bag | vintage 
boots | boden similar

my love for navy and polka dots isn't slowing down, no i don't have a problem you do... 
i realised as i walked out the door that i looked like an extra from grease which is no bad thing but at nine am in london you do get some funny looks!
i'm a big fan of the wicker basket trend making the rounds this spring, i've had this little number in my wardrobe for ages but its only make its debut on the blog now (it will make making many more, don't you worry) 

i write this one easter egg deep and my pj's thinking about moving and getting dressed, that glamorous blogging life eh? 
photographs by jay khatri
spots in spring 5 spots in spring 1 spots in spring 6

Sunday, 9 April 2017

check mate.

check mate 4 check mate 1

dress and bag | primark similar similar 
sunglasses | ralph lauren similar

i've only recently come on board with the whole gingham trend, i've had a few dresses like this sitting in my asos basket for a while but when i saw this little cutie the other day i knew it was love, think how much food baby you can fit under that bad boy! i also got the matching top... me a problem never?
its been 'what i like to call spring' the last week in london which has been b-loody lovely, there is nothing like walking to work in the sunshine (well maybe being on a holiday in the sunshine) but i do like cracking out the old milk bottle legs when the weather allows which is a small win.

photographs by jay khatri
check mate 2 check mate 3

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