Sunday, 30 April 2017

blue sude shoes.

charlotte olympia 6 charlotte olympia 2 charlotte olympia 4
top | H&M similar 
jeans | topshop
bag | vintage
jacket | zara similar 

i proudly present you my new pride and joys, my first pair of designer shoes. admittedly i got them at a sample sale so although they still feel like a an 'achievement' to buy them, even though they were quite a lot less than their usual five hundred pounds price tag. i've been breaking them in by wearing them round the flat with in my pj's with some big socks on, so on trend i know!
there is something so 'springy' about a light wash jean and a cream blouse (i realise this sounds very basic bitch) but i'm a big fan, this little flarey sleeve number has been sitting in my wardrobe for a few years and always manages to break free from the back of the cupboard every time spring rolls around. 
this outfit is obviously accompanied by a bloody massive coat at the moment as england has decided that we should go back to winter as we had clearly had a enough spring (will i ever stop talking about the weather, probably not..)
photographs by jay khatri
charlotte olympia 1 charlotte olympia 3


  1. I love this outfit ,so simple yet so chic

  2. It's so true white blouses and light jeans are sooo spring haha ! Love those shoes also, so pretty <3


  3. Super cute Livvy, you look stunning! x

  4. OOOOOO pretty shoes, I love the colour! and you're so right, light denim and white blouses are so spring! Damn this english weather fro ruining everything!

  5. I love your style so much! Those shoes are perfection!


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