Sunday, 23 April 2017

five to try if you have lacklustre skin.

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i'm back with one of those mystical beauty/skin care post that rolls round every once and while on here, my skin is a bit pesky so once i find a routine i like i tend to keep to it hence the lack of snazzy beauty content all the time. my skin has been a bit pesky at the moment with a dry/spotty combo so i thought i would share some products that have been busting those problems

i' m a big fan of bioderma, as is everyone but this french pharmacy staple tends to be an old faithful to many. i've been trying out their new blackhead/spot eliminating cream and it has fulfilled its promise to reduce my black heads and is great at soothing those angry red spots.

my skin has gone through quite a dry phase recently this little number has a helping bring back some life and moisture, i like to pop this on before my make up to make sure i don't have any annoying dry patches that my foundation likes to cling to, i would say don't use too much before applying make up as it can roll off a bit which i have also noticed with the la roche posay products. 

glycolic acid has been all over the interwebz recently so i obviously decided to add to it...
this serum is a great addition to my nighttime routine it evens out my complexion and contains aloe vera that adds to that soothing feeling when you apply it (so a thumbs up from me)

i have been pretty loyal to estee lauder moistures (when i can afford them) i find they never break me out, ensure my skins is hydrated all day and sit under my foundation, basically its great and i highly recommend. 

when all those other moisturisers i've just mentioned aren't quite cutting it i chuck this guy on for a bit of TLC, it does remind me that gel that boys used to wear in their hair in year 7 but once its on the skin it feels faaaaab, i like to pop it on before bed so when i make up in the morning my face feels great (not sure how many times i've said hydrated of great in this post)   
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