Monday, 29 May 2017

birthday exploring.

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i might have mentioned it once, times but i was my birthday the other week, so to celebrate jay and i hopped in the car and booked an airbnb (i make this sound spontaneous, it was not. i like to plan) 

we stayed just outside cromer is a v cute village called overstand, we stayed in mim's sherpards hut, it was really pretty and cosy! you can walk to the beach 

my gluten free prayers were answered in cromer, so many choices!
i highly recommend a trip to shelleys pie and mash shop if you're in the area, plus there was a sausage dog puppy sit at the table next to us. if thats not a seller then i don't know what is. 
we also stopped off at no1 cromer as it would be rude not to have chips at the seaside, all their chips and a selection of fish are GF. the sister shop ice cromer is also v good, salted caramel scoops of dreams. 

on our drive up we stopped off at foxley woods in hopes of finding bluebells, we were too late but its a lovely wood for a walk. 
we spent most of saturday walking on overstand and cromers beaches, on the look out for beach huts and other 'gramable things. 
on our drive home we stopped off at our favourite place, thetford forest. lines of neatly planted trees, ferns all over the shops and those gorgeous yellow flowers that always seem to be in woods.  

another jam packed birthday, i wouldn't have it any other way!

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

twenty four.

twenty four before 24

so i'm back with another listy post, yesterday (well today as i write this) i turned the big two four, i have that feeling of feeling very young but very old all in one go (you follow, no me neither)
i think its good to start another year with a few things to aim for, from small to big its good to try and push yourself, even a tiny bit. i could have done twenty four things whilst i'm twenty four but it would have taken me a v v long time and i would like to have a G&T before the evening is over.

1. be braver
even if its being less shy at the gym (just to add to my red face issues there) and go to events when i'm invited (i don't go many as i'm worried about standing in a corner on my own)

2. try contacts
i am incredibly short-sighted, i wave at the wrong people or ignore them regularly. i really hate wearing my glasses, so its time to stop being such a short-sighted sally. 

3. take care of myself
twenty three was a bit if a roller coaster year for my health and if anything it has taught me that improving my diet and lifestyle for the better really matters. 

4. explore more
i mentioned this in my last post but i really want to explore england more, we have such beautiful sights that need seeing!

5. go to gigs
jay and i only went to our first gig together last year, we have been together for six years it blows my mind that it took us thing long. a mass of hot mass of people if not my dream but seeing your fave band is kinda worth it

6. be less scared of change
this is my worst habit, being a creature of familiarity the thought of moving or doing something differently always makes me tense, probably one to ease myself into...

7. try to be not so fussy with food
since i've had to clean up my act with my diet recently it makes me wish i wasn't so fussy with vegetables. i may be too late on this one but i'm going to try and get some more green into my meals (i'm more of an orange veg kinda gal)

8. be more adventurous with my style
i know i've talked about this before, but i basically just buy different versions of things i already own to fill my wardrobe. i'm also aware that i am super uncool so trying slightly more 'trendy' pieces is a bit scary.

9. photograph more
i know i share my adventures ect here, but i want to start shooting weddings/lover/families more as i miss it

10. stress less
being perpetual worrier also makes you a stresser, both i am guilty of, being a bit more 'chill' to things that really shouldn't stress me out is am aim i really want to achieve  

Sunday, 14 May 2017

five good things.

five things 3

i thought i would interrupt the usual scheduling with five things i have been really enjoying at the moment, as you can't always see outfits of me in those bloody jeans eh! 

the nightshift
my lastest obsession on nexflix has been the nightshift, a doctor drama (all v attractive) set in texas and about as much drama that you can shake a stick at. i highly recommend, i even got jay hooked and we are waiting (impatiently) for the new season in june. 

i was saying to someone a few months ago 'i'm not really a zara girl, its all a bit cool for me' well, let me tell you. i am currently obsessed, i've got the basket bag, theres a embroidered palm print top i desperately need and don't get me started on this dress. i work near england's biggest zara, which is very risky for the bank account let me tell you!

loriley sesh
as you know i recently had to give up gluten a while back, now there are a few instagrams i follow that give me all the tips and tricks for restaurants/dishes to try in london so i don't end up with salad for every meal but my current fave is super babe loriley (she also has excellent hair and v cute bunnies) she has a blog too. warning, it will make you hungry/drool a tiny bit...

i have loved pinterest for a long time, i've had it since you had to be invited to join and i will probably carry on loving it forevz. i am one for just spending a morning pining to my hearts content with a cup of tea and some snacks, admittedly i get allot of wanderlust from there (espesh i have no overseas holibobs planned for this year), but i love keeping a beautiful visual list of all the places i want to visit one day. if you fancy joining my pin gang you can here

as i don't have any holibobs planned that aren't out of the country i have basically been planning as a few trips in england so i don't spend the whole year in london/essex. first up is two trips to norfolk which i am v much looking forward to (previous posts with me declaring my love for norfolk can be found) however when we usually visit we spend our time walking or drinking large amounts of tea with family so this year i am making sure allot more exploring is going to be done. i am also trying to organize a few more trips so i don't spend all my holidays in bed watching netflix (a portion will obviously be allotted to that fantastic pass time though) 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

in bloom.

shein embroidered blouse 2 shein embroidered blouse 6 shein embroidered blouse 5 shein embroidered blouse 1

shirt | shein*
jeans | topshop
bag | zara
boots | boden similar

i won't lie to you friends, i clearly have a style rut of white shirt, those darn blue jeans and some sort of wicker bag. i think its a style rut i can handle though, especially when you wear a shirt that has sleeves as wide as your head (i felt totally extra and it was great!) i think it will aslo look really pretty with a denim a-line skirt when it actually warms up (i think everything looks great with an a-line skirt but ya know...)
i've completely become a blogger cliche and got 'that' zara basket, but you know what its a really useful size and for under twenty quid i can see why everyone and their nana owns it, plus it has pompoms?!
photographs by jay khatri
shein embroidered blouse 4 shein embroidered blouse 3 shein embroidered blouse 7
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