Monday, 29 May 2017

birthday exploring.

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i might have mentioned it once, times but i was my birthday the other week, so to celebrate jay and i hopped in the car and booked an airbnb (i make this sound spontaneous, it was not. i like to plan) 

we stayed just outside cromer is a v cute village called overstand, we stayed in mim's sherpards hut, it was really pretty and cosy! you can walk to the beach 

my gluten free prayers were answered in cromer, so many choices!
i highly recommend a trip to shelleys pie and mash shop if you're in the area, plus there was a sausage dog puppy sit at the table next to us. if thats not a seller then i don't know what is. 
we also stopped off at no1 cromer as it would be rude not to have chips at the seaside, all their chips and a selection of fish are GF. the sister shop ice cromer is also v good, salted caramel scoops of dreams. 

on our drive up we stopped off at foxley woods in hopes of finding bluebells, we were too late but its a lovely wood for a walk. 
we spent most of saturday walking on overstand and cromers beaches, on the look out for beach huts and other 'gramable things. 
on our drive home we stopped off at our favourite place, thetford forest. lines of neatly planted trees, ferns all over the shops and those gorgeous yellow flowers that always seem to be in woods.  

another jam packed birthday, i wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. These pictures are just stunning Livvy, so so beautiful! Looks like you had a lovely time x

  2. this place is so amazing and the airbnb you had is soo dreamy,I love the photos you took,happy belated birthdaaay x


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