Sunday, 25 June 2017

lavender dreams.

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i think these photographs illustrate perfectly how happy i was to be prancing about a field of flowers for a few hours. i think there is something good for the soul (maybe just mine?) about going out looking at beautiful things and taking photographs you just love? creative indulgence perhaps?

a thirty minute bus ride from west croydon (the bus stops right outside the farm) is mayfield lavender farm. i suggest going earlier in the day rather than later as we left around two thirty and there were twice as people people there as when we arrived. a lavender bunch was obviously purchased for a photo prop but is now making my flat smell petty delightful! once you've frolicked to your hearts content they have a pretty impressive selection in their cafe (a few GF treats were there too to keep my hanger at bay). basically i highly recommend if you after after a dreamy day out just outside of old london town.  

just a note to say this is one of my favourite posts i have shot for a while and it feels good to be enjoying blogging again. 

photographs by katie tang
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  1. These photos are stunning and who knew a place like this would be in London! I love the dress to it's so pretty!

  2. I LOVE fresh lavender - this place seems like heaven on earth!

    Sharni // A Girl & Grey


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