Sunday, 18 June 2017

palmin' around.

palm 3 palm 1
top | zara
jeans | topshop
shoes | adidas

i think its pretty fair to say that palm print is having a 'moment', as i obviously needed to add to my white embroidered top collection (read, i really didn't) this guy came home to live with me after falling head over heels in my local zara (i've even mentioned it in a previous blog post). 
one thing though, it does crease like a bitch, cue me swiftly trying to get them out with the straighteners whilst attempting to leave the house on time.

it feels a little trivial to be talking about these kinds of things after the last months events in london and quite frankly all over the globe. i live and work very close to the tragic fire that took so many lives this week and seeing how the community has pulled together in a time of need has lighted my heavy heart a little. if you want to help in anyway, all information is here

photographs by jay khatri

palm 2 palm 4


  1. oooo i am such a sucker for palm print and this is such a gorgeous top!

  2. This is beautiful, so so chic Livvy! x


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