Sunday, 30 July 2017


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top | shein*
jeans | warehouse
trainers | adidas 
jacket | similar

now i think you may all know from my escape to the country post that i bloody love highland cows, now when jay dragged me out for a walk (i love walks but walks in 25 degree heat are not my thang) i casually did my usual 'lets see what people usually insta here' browse and saw cows and a walled garden i was all in my friends. i may have slightly tested our relationship by banging on about finding the cows for half the walk....
my uniform of white embroidered top, jeans and white trainers has returned in full force and i have no regrets because it is a fail save outfit choice and i can basically eat three dinners in this top and no one will know...

photographs by jay khatri and myself
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Sunday, 23 July 2017

horniman museum.

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dress | new look
trainers | adidas
sunglasses | similar 
bag | similar 

so if you haven't ever been to the horniman museum in forest hill its worth getting your butt down there for a trip. even if you just go to the grounds for a little sit down and a picnic its worth the trip. you can also pop your head into the museum (its free) and press your face longingly up against the beautiful glass house windows, there is also a tiny zoo and an equally tiny aquarium. 
i feel like i have allot more exploring to do in south london, i think next on my list is crystal palace (a glass house theme going on here?)  
my love for wrap dressed has only continued to grow and this little new look number has become a firm favourite! i have still got a few on my wish list but i have to remind myself that i'm a grown up who has bills to pay rather than dresses to buy! 

photographs by jay khatri and myself

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Sunday, 16 July 2017


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tee | topshop
skirt | warehouse
boots | similar
sunglasses | similar

it seems my love of a-line skirts has not died yet, in fact it has rekindled itself with me buying two leather versions in two weeks (it was the sales okay...) i like being able to make them look super cas' with a tee and trainers or dressing them up with boots and a 'nice top' (you know) or as i seem to have done here a 'hybrid' of those two looks.

i won't lie the leather/pleather does make you a little warm on a summers day and has been know to make a fart/squeak noise if a move too quickly on a plastic chair but them my life is full of embarrassing moments like that so its all cool...

i'm not normally one for a colour clash but i thought a cheeky bit of pink and red wasn't too bold a statement to make (doing well on my being more confident dressing resolution there..) but i guess a bright pink leather skirt is a statement in itself? 

photographs by jay khatri
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