Sunday, 23 July 2017

horniman museum.

horniman museum 8 horniman museum 6 horniman museum 4 horniman museum 3 horniman museum 5 horniman museum 1
dress | new look
trainers | adidas
sunglasses | similar 
bag | similar 

so if you haven't ever been to the horniman museum in forest hill its worth getting your butt down there for a trip. even if you just go to the grounds for a little sit down and a picnic its worth the trip. you can also pop your head into the museum (its free) and press your face longingly up against the beautiful glass house windows, there is also a tiny zoo and an equally tiny aquarium. 
i feel like i have allot more exploring to do in south london, i think next on my list is crystal palace (a glass house theme going on here?)  
my love for wrap dressed has only continued to grow and this little new look number has become a firm favourite! i have still got a few on my wish list but i have to remind myself that i'm a grown up who has bills to pay rather than dresses to buy! 

photographs by jay khatri and myself

horniman museum 6
horniman museum 2 horniman museum 7


  1. I love this, these pictures are all just beautiful! x

  2. This looks really cool, will have to check it out. Lovely photos!



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