Sunday, 30 July 2017


wandlebury 5 wandlebury 7 wandlebury 4 wandlebury 3 wandlebury 8
top | shein*
jeans | warehouse
trainers | adidas 
jacket | similar

now i think you may all know from my escape to the country post that i bloody love highland cows, now when jay dragged me out for a walk (i love walks but walks in 25 degree heat are not my thang) i casually did my usual 'lets see what people usually insta here' browse and saw cows and a walled garden i was all in my friends. i may have slightly tested our relationship by banging on about finding the cows for half the walk....
my uniform of white embroidered top, jeans and white trainers has returned in full force and i have no regrets because it is a fail save outfit choice and i can basically eat three dinners in this top and no one will know...

photographs by jay khatri and myself
wandlebury 2 wandlebury 1 wandlebury 6

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  1. These pictures are just beautiful, especially loving the snap of the lil' doggo! x


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