Wednesday, 2 May 2018

barbican conservatory.

the barbican conservatory 10
the barbican conservatory 8the barbican conservatory 4 the barbican conservatory 5 the barbican conservatory 6 the barbican conservatory 3 the barbican conservatory the barbican conservatory 7
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There are few things I like more than a PJ style outfit, one of those is a little wander round a glasshouse. Get a day where I get to indulge in those two together is a pretttyyy good one in my book!
The barbican conservatory has been on my radar for a little while and when a rainy Sunday came around (as they do often) we decided to leave the house before 12 o'clock for once (with some percy pigs in hand, essentials my friends) and head out for some leafy fun. 
My top tip would be to get there for 12 when it opens as we left around 1:30 and it was v v busy (if you want to get those insta's uninterrupted!) plus the cactus room, which is my fave is smaller and fills up pretty quickly. Its free to get into the conservatory, so great if you're a broke 20 something Londoner like me! If you get a little peckish they offer afternoon tea in the glasshouse that looked pretty dreamy I will say its a bit tricky to navigate the barbican centre (on the annoying level that canary wharf is) so give yourself time to find your way around, plus its a pretty cool building to have a look around. 

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

leopard and bamboo.

leopard 4 leopard 1
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Here I am in another pyjama shirt, jeans and white trainers. Some may say I am creature of habit...

Spring is finally starting to rear it pretty little head so I'm taking that as a sign to start with my canvas trainer, all the wicker accessories (love me a wicker accessory) and as many blossom pictures on the ol' instagram I can physically take! Oh I do like being a cliche!

After my post about taking the pressure off myself I took my own advice and had a month off blogging, it was mainly spent sleeping and watching films on the sofa in my pj's (what a surprise eh!)  There is something to be said for taking a break to refresh your creative juices (sounds a bit dodgy?) says me posting a standard 'jeans and a nice top' outfit that you all seems to come back for... However I want to try and get a little more creative round here and hopefully refresh the site in the up coming months (sarcasm and dad jokes will firmly stay put though. Probably the jeans outfits as well...)
In the interest of a little refresh I'm selling some bits of depop if you're in the market for one of my many many tee-shirts. 

photographs by jay khatri 
leopard 2 leopard 3

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Six Podcasts I can't Get Enough Of.

Six Podcasts I can't Get Enough Of. Six Podcasts I can't Get Enough Of. Six Podcasts I can't Get Enough Of.
Recently I have turned into what can only be described as a 'podcast enthusiast', I have a commute to work that is the perfect length for an episode of most podcasts. True crime podcasts are my jam, I have always loved investigation/crime based TV and this has transpired into my podcast obsession. I do have a group of pals who do nothing but encourage this obsession and we are constantly recommending new listens to each other and getting into the same podcast (you know when you're obsessed with something and you have to talk to someone about it at great length with much enthusiasm, well that is a main desk chat). At the other end of the spectrum and also to balance out the about of murder/crime discussion I also love chatty slightly lighter podcast with strong funny women at the helm. So I thought I would share some of my favourites and hope you become as obsessed with them as I have! Please let me know if you have listened to some of them or have any recommendations!

I'm still clinging onto the fact I have a few episodes left of this but I would go as far to say that this is my favourite true crime series so far. Payne Lindsey investigates the 2005 disappearance of Tara Grinstead, who as the name of the podcast states just up and vanished one night leaving no conclusion on the case until Payne's series throws up new leads. Plus if you're interested in nitty gritty details of the evidence there are bonus episodes between each main episodes that delve deeper into what was discussed in the previous podcast. I would recommend not doing any research on the case prior to listening and let the investigation evolve with each episode as its pretty gripping with lots of twists and turns. 

From the OG's of podcasts this series is brought to us by Serial (another great podcast) and This American Life which originally started as the investigation on a murder that was covered up but amalgamates into the life of John B and his hate for his small town in Alabama. 

Hosted by two v funny ladies that have a passion for true crime stories, this sounded right up my street and my lord it was. If you enjoy your crime with a side of humour then this is for you (still can;t listen to it when walking in the dark though...) 

I would like to be pals with Jessie Ware and her mum are my main takings for this podcast. Each episode revolves around a guest coming round for dinner and Lenny (Jessie's mum) cooking for them and Jessie chatting with them about food, family and everything in-between. I'm pretty much obsessed with this series, they have just launched a second which I am listening to the morning it goes live each week...So if you like chat, food talk (who doesn't) and a feisty mother daughter duo then this one is for you!

They are only 3 epodes in but I already know I love this series already. Liv and Charlotte are two ladies I have followed on the internet for a long time, I loved their videos they had made together on Liv's channel so I was so happy they decided to make a podcast! Its like a big reassuring hug hearing them talk, their episode talking about friendships really hit home. I'm very lucky to have a great core set of best friends but I have found it difficult to make other friends in my twenties and it was refreshing to hear other people felt the same. I can't wait to listen to more episodes as its like listening to your friends having a chat!

I discovered Dolly on The High Low which she presents with Pandora Sykes (you've probably already listened and love them as much as I do!) In celebration of her book release she is hosting interviews about love with her friends, its just a wonderful way to spend an hour, Dolly's voice is so calming and lovely plus you get to be a bit nosey about some pretty interesting peoples views on subjects you may not get to hear them talk about usually. 

photographs by jay khatri 
Six Podcasts I can't Get Enough Of.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

pink and blue.


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I know, this fluffer has already featured heavily on the blog this winter. 
I've worn it so much the its a little matted on the cuffs (secrets safe with you right?) but when my walk to work is like 40 minutes in a wind tunnel this bad boy keeps me nice and snug despite its budget price tag.

My new favourite jeans are also making their debut today, just the right crop, a little kick flare, my favourite wash and stretchy enough to fit in a whole pie and many many roast potatoes (I road tested this just for you dear reader, as I really like to do my research for you...) I can see them being my jean of choice for spring and summer, if summer ever arrives that is...

photographs by jay khatri 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

hey, its okay not to document everything.

columbia road 1 columbia road 7 columbia road 5
I am guilty of this.
I feel the pressure to document everything to have content to blog about. I work a nine to five job, five days a week so when the weekend rolls around I find that time is spent thinking about this little space. Don't get me wrong I love this little blog of mine, it sometimes gets me down that my growth is pretty rubbish but thats life when you can't give your full energy to something.
These photos were taken a few weeks ago when I was coming to the end of a pretty rubbish virus and I didn't have the energy to take lots of photos for a post and show what a good day I had, so I didn't. I felt a bit bad at the time, but to be honest I've written posts about columbia road before (as has half the internet) so you know its out there if you really want to see it. 
I think this is more of a mental note to not worry if I have a weekend off from taking photos (basically watch netflix and look like a gremlin in my pj's) and the same applies for instagram which I also feel can be an unconscious pressure to produce inspirational content about how shiny and amazing your life is even when you send sixty percent of your time in your pj's and may only put some make up on to take that picture of your ootd that may not even engage with a small percent of your following (dammit algorithm!)
So to sum it up, take it easy on yourself kids, sometimes a break is good for the brain. 

photographs by jay khatri and myself 
columbia road 8 columbia road 4 columbia road 9

Saturday, 3 February 2018

paris, when it rains.

paris 12 paris 1 paris 2 paris 3 paris 10 paris 4 paris 5 paris 8
ah paris, even when you're windy and rainy you still look beautiful!
admittedly the full oh thermals look you had me rocking under my outfit was not so beautiful...swings and roundabouts? 
what do you do when you have a day in paris and you're trying not to shop, walk ten miles in the rain obviously...
it seems that a rainy saturday morning in paris is a pretty quiet one (everyone obvz sitting in bed drinking coffee and eating delicious baked goods, clearly the better idea) cue me walking around listening to podcasts trying to hid my camera under my coat from the rain (all whilst looking like some crazy fluffy coat/train driver lady) 
in my mammoth walking tour of paris i stopped off at helmut newcake to quench any hanger that may have been heading my way, i took home a few pastries to eat in bed the next morning like all the sensible parisiennes were clearly doing at that moment in time. quite frankly the best idea i've ever had, warm pain au choclat is stuff only dreams are made of (espesh when you're GF)
having only a little bit of time and also not been to paris for about eight years i feel a return trip is needs, maybe in the summer...
paris 11 paris 6 paris 7 paris 13
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